Rubinstein Chapter 1

Scale is The relationship between the length of an object on a map and that feature on the landscape. 1:24,000 is an example of what kind of scale? Fractional scale What elements of study do human and physical geography have in common? They are concerned with where things occur and why they occur where they […]

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5. Latin America And North America

Which of the following is /not/ a leading urban center in Venezuela? Salvador. Which Latin American country contains the /largest/ Japanese community outside of Japan? Brazil. Today there are several areas throughout Canada where indigenous peoples have local or regional control. _____ became the largest in 1999. Nunavut _____ is one of the first Latin […]

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Human Geography Flashcards

Birth Rate Number of live births per one thousand populations in a year Rate of Natural Increase The birth rate minus the death rate Fertility Rate The average number of children a woman of childbearing years will have in her lifetime. Population Density The average number of people that live in a measurable area Population […]

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geography 1

the beach at ipanema, brazil can be studied using tools…….. a. only from human geography b. From both metric and English systems of measure e. only from physical geography c. from both human and physical geography d. only from oceanography c. from both human and physical geography which is not an example of a functional […]

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Geography Chapter 7 (Test 3)

What is the approximate population of sub-Saharan Africa? 809 million Which of the following statements is not true of sub-Saharan Africa? a) it is growing at the rate of about 2.5% per year b) the nations of Europe had little to no interest in colonizing the region in the nineteenth and twentieth centuries c) it […]

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GEOG 110 Chapter 1

Geography combines disciplines from the physical and life sciences with disciplines from the human and cultural sciences to attain a holistic view of the Earth Geography’s spatial viewpoint examines the nature and character of physical space and the distribution of phenomena within it Geographic science integrates a wide range of subject matter traditionally categorized into […]

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subfields of physical geography

geomorphology landforms climatology The study of weather conditions over long periods from years to millions of years. hydrography study of investigating bodies of water biogeography Geographic distribution of species geology Science dealing with the earth’s history as recorded in rocks

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They physical geography of Europe is best described as what? a large peninsula, emerging from the western edge of the Eurasian continent, made up of many smaller peninsulas Europe’s largest port is what? Rotterdamn Western Europe is dominated by a temperate mid-latitude climate Practices that keep European energy consumption much lower than American consumption per […]

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Physical Geography Exam 1

Geography the science of the earth’s surface, climate, continents, countries, peoples, industries, and products. Physical Geography Rocks, minerals, landforms, water, weather, flora, fauna, soil Cultural Geography Populations, settlements, economic activities, transportation, recreational activities, languages, religion, political systems, traditions Atmosphere Air, surrounds the earth up to 10,000 km from the Earth’s surface, more than 50% of […]

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