Spanish 3 Art Adjectives

repugnante repugnant desagradable disagreeable agradable agreeable bello beautiful sublime sublime/extrodanary extraño strange único unique abstracto abstract realístico realistic moderno modern conocido known desconocido unknown oscuro dark claro light brilliante bright sencillio simple complicado complicated confuso confusing serio serious tranqillo calm/peaceful colorido colorful muy very bastante rather/quite demasido too/too much tan so

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Spanish Numbers 1-31

uno 1 dos 2 tres 3 cuatro 4 cinco 5 seis 6 siete 7 ocho 8 nueve 9 diaz 10 once 11 doce 12 trece 13 catorce 14 quince 15 dieciseis 16 diecisiete 17 dieciocho 18 diecinueve 19 viente 20 vientiuno 21 vientidos 22 vientitres 23 vienticuatro 24 vienticinco 25 vientiseis 26 vientisiete 27 vientiocho […]

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"cc" in words/Spanish

protección protection lección lesson dirección direction instrucción instruction interacción interaction interacciones interaction (no accent) plural construcción construction currículo curiculm desarrollar develpo la sección section la sobreexplotación over exploited la brosse brush la cooperación cooperation innato innate producción production reducción reduction

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(1) Spanish Eating Utensils

Plate el plato Bowl el tazón Glass la copa Napkin la servilleta Cup la taza Fork el tenedor Knife el cuchillo Spoon la cuchara

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Spanish Numbers 0-20

1 uno 2 dos 3 tres 4 cuatro 5 cinco 6 seis 7 siete 8 ocho 9 nueve 10 diez 11 once 12 doce 13 trece 14 catorce 15 quince 16 dieciseis 17 diecisiete 18 dieciocho 19 diecinueve 20 veinte

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Spanish Directions

inside adentro outside afuera to the right a la derecha to the left a la izquierda to the side al lado near cerca below debajo in front delante inside dentro behind detrás above sobre in front/across enfrente between entre far lejos on top of encima

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Spanish Frequency Words

siempre always (right before verb) nunca never (right before verb) rara vez rarely (right before verb) mucho often (right after verb) poco a little (right after verb) a veces sometimes (very beginning or very end of sentence) todos las días every day (very beginning or very end of sentence) de vez en cuando once and […]

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SPANISH first, then, next, last (ect)

Primero first Entonces then pròximos next Despuès de after despuès afterwards por fin last luego later

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Spanish Competition 2

Hispanic are people in the U.S. or any other part of the world whose native language in spanish The cowboy expression “________” comes from the Spanish word juzgado, meaning “courtroom”. Hossegow Alva Nunez Cabeza de Vaca led an expedition from Florida to Mexico The Spaniards built a highway from San Diego to San Francisco called […]

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