Oxford Latin Course Part 2 Chapter 21 Vocabulary

salvē, salvēte! greetings! sinō, sinere, sīvī I allow vīsō, vīsere, vīsī I visit cōnficiō, cōnficere, cōnfēcī I finish intersum, interesse, interfuī + dat. I am among clārus, -a, -um clear, bright, famous ingeniōsus, -a, -um talented, clever lātus, -a, -um wide, broad praetereā moreover aliquis, aliquid someone, something epistola, ae, f. letter dominus, ī, m. […]

Oxford Latin Course Part II Chapter 19 Vocabulary

ago, agere, egi I do, I drive claudo, claudere, clausi I shut aperio, aperire, aperui I open apertus, -a, -um open altus, -a, -um high invitus, -a, -um unwilling confectus, -a, -um finished medius, -a, -um middle sacer, sacra, sacrum sacred vacuus, -a, -um empty difficilis, difficile difficult aedificium, -i (n.) building vestimenta, -orum (n.) […]


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Perfect Squares

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Oxford Latin Course: College Edition (Readings and Vocabulary) Chapter 14, Vocabulary 14B

nūntiō, āre, nūntiāuī I announce prōnūntiō I proclaim ēdō, ere, ēdidī I give out, proclaim fīo, fierī I became, am made praetereō, īre, praeteriī I go past, pass mora, ae, f. delay spectāculum, ī, n. spectacle, show caput, capitis, n. head genus, generis, n. kind, type, race, birth legiō, legiōnis, f. legion mulier, mulieris, f. […]

Perfect Square

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Oxford Latin Course Chapter 17 Vocab

sum, esse, eram, fuī I am superō, superāre, superāvi I overcome discēdō, discēdere, discessī I go away, depart legō, legere, lēgī I read crēdō, crēdere, crēdidī (dat) I believe, trust prōmittō, prōmittere, prōmīsī I promise efficiō, efficere, effēcī I effect, carry out hōra, -ae (f.) hour pecūnia, -ae (f.) money dīvitiae, -ārum (f. pl.) riches […]

Oxford Latin Course Chapter 25 Vocabulary

luceo, lucere, luxi I shine sumo, sumere, sumpsi I take up; I put on diligentia, -ae feminine care, diligence litterae, -arum feminine plural letters, literature campus, -i masculine plain, field facilitas, facilitatis feminine ease, facility lex, legis feminine law multitudo, multitudinis feminine multitude, crowd ius, iuris neuter right, justice tumultus, tumultus masculine riot, uproar brevis, […]

Square Roots

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Latin America Vocabulary

pampas temperate grasslands in Argentina llanos tropical grasslands located in Columbia and Venezuela vertical zonation when different vegetation grow at different elevations NAFTA-North American Free Trade Agreement A trade agreement between the U.S., Mexico and Canada that eliminates tariffs between the countries Inca a native group that lived in the mountains of Peru and Chili […]

Perfect Cubes

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Square Roots

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Oxford Latin Course Part II: Chapter 18 Vocab

absum,abesse, afui + abl. I am away from disco, discere, didici I learn fleo, flēre, flevi I weep ineo, inīre, inii I enter, begin transeo, transīre, transii I cross studeo, studēre, studui + dat. I study valere iubeo I bid goodbye to vendo, vendere, vendidi I sell conspicio, conspicere, conspexi I catch sight of longus, […]

Latin American vocabulary

Maya A American Indian tribe located in Guatemala that developed into a great civilization and center of trade Colony A group of people living in new territory with ties to distant state. Encomium A legal system to control American Indians in the Spanish official could tax American Indians or force them to work. Haciendas Huge […]

Set 9 6th Grade Latin

solea, soleae f. sandal pilleus, pillei m. cap hat galea, galeae f. helmet hasta, hastae f. spear gladius, gladii m. sword scutum, scuti n. shield nuntius, nuntii m. messenger fur, furis m. thief aquila, aquilae f. eagle finis, finis m. end collum, colli n. neck hiems, hiemis f. winter aestas, aestatis f. summer ver, veris […]

6th grade Economic Systems Latin America

economic systems the production, distribution, and consumption of goods and services. exchange rate the rate at which a unit of the currency of one country can be exchanged for that of another country. traditional economy an economic system in which economic decisions are made based on customs, beliefs, religions and habits. embargo an order of […]

Latin verbs – endings – Imperfect tense

Imperfect – 1st C – ‘I’ abam Imperfect – 1st C – ‘you’ abas Imperfect – 1st C – ‘he’ abat Imperfect – 1st C – ‘we’ abamus Imperfect – 1st C – ‘you(p)’ abatis Imperfect- 1st C – ‘they’ ebant Imperfect – 2nd C – ‘I’ ebam Imperfect – 2nd C – ‘you’ ebas […]

3.17 Latin Vocabulary

Arena (f.) Sand Captivus (m.) Captive Gladius (m.) Sword Ludus (m.) School or Game Otium (n.) Leisure Praemium (n.) Reward Pretium (n.) Price Incito Incite, Arouse Pugno Fight Video See Post After, Behind Aut…Aut Either … or Et… Et Both … and Nunc Now Tunc Then

Oxford Latin Course Chapter 31 Vocabulary

milito, militare, militavi, militatum I campaign, serve as a soldier valeo, valere, valui, valitum I am strong, I am well dissero, disserere, disserui, dissertum I discuss expello, expellare, expuli, expulsum I drive out opprimo, opprimere, opressi, oppressum I opress officium, -i neuter duty eques, equitis masculine horsemen finis, finium masculine end, finish libertas, libertatis feminine […]

Latin Stage 11 Culture

When were elections in Pompeii held? At the end of March How did people react to the elections? With great interest and energy Who were fautores? Supporters of the candidates What were the main ways to advertise for a candidate? Slogans, processions and speeches by the candidates What offices did candidates run for annually? The […]

Oxford Latin Course Chapter 28 Vocab

cresco, crescere, crevi I grow, increase edo, esse, edi I eat solvo, solvere, solvi I loose, untie, cast off luna, -ae f. moon argentum, -i n. silver, money nubes, nubis f. cloud viator, viatoris traveller dexter, dextra, dextrum right sinister, sinistra, sinistrum left reliquus, -a, -um remaining vivus, -a, -um alive, living inde thence, from […]

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