Japanese Family

haha okaasan mother chichi otoosan father rioshin gorioshin parents ani oniisan older brother ane oneesan older sister otooto otootosan younger brother imooto imootosan younger sister shujin goshujin husband tsuma okusan wife sofu ojiisan grandfather sobo obaasan grandmother oji ojisan uncle oba obasan aunt mago omagosan grandchild itoko itoko cousin oi oigosan nephew mei meigosan niece […]

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Japanese 101 Vocabulary 1

ano um… ima now eego English (language) ee yes gakusee student …go …language nihongo Japanese language kookoo high school gogo P.M. gozen A.M. …sai …years old …san Mr./Ms. … …ji o’clock ichiji one o’clock …jin …people nihonjin Japanese people senkoo major sensee teacher; Professor soo desu That’s right soo desu ka I see.; Is that […]

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Japan – Japanese

Shogun Hereditary commander-in-chief in feudal Japan. Because of the military power concentrated in his hands and the weakness of the emperor, he was regarded as the real ruler of the country until feudalism was abolished in 1867. chief military commanders from about the 8th century a.d. to the end of the 12th century, then applied […]

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Medieval Japan

clan group of families related by blood or marriage constitution written plan of government animism belief that all natural things are alive and have their own spirits shrine holy place Jimmu Yamato leader who took the title “emperor of heaven” Shotuku Yamato prince who took charge of Japan on behalf of his aunt, Suiko. Regions: […]

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Japanese Colors

Aka (i) Red Pinku Pink Kuro (i) Black Midori Green Orenji (daidai-iro) Orange Nezumi-iro Grey Momo-iro Peach Kiiro Yellow Shiro (I) White Gin-iro Silver Kin-iro Gold Ao (i) Blue Ki-midori Light Green Mizu-iro Light Blue Murasaki Purple Cha(i)-iro Brown

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SS Quiz: Japan Geography

In what two ways might the seas have influenced Japan’s history? – Provides food – Seas separate it from the mainland – Isolated and protected from invaders – Trade usually done through inland sea – Access to maritime trade – It is a homogenous society (where people share a common ethnic and cultural background). About […]

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japanese Classroom items

Ball point pen booru pen eraser keshi gomu chalk chooku chalk board koku ban light denki text book kyoo kasho door doa classroom kyoo shitsu pencil enpitsu notebook nooto student gaku see teacher sensee book hon mechanical pencil shaapu penshiru chair isu table teeburu bag kaban ceiling tenjoo paper kami desk tsukue floor yuka

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The Emergence of Japan

Explain how geography set Japan apart. Located on an archipelago, or chain of islands (100 miles off mainland/Korea) Mild climate and sufficient rainfall helped farmers make the most of the limited arable land. Why is the area where Japan is located called the Ring of Fire? The region is made up of a chain of […]

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Japan and US Final

Japan’s first constitution was attributed to Prince Shotoku Japan’s first emperor was Jimmu Christians were persecuted and crucified in Japan under the rule of Hideyoshi Leading the revolt against Tokugawa were the daimyo from Satsuma and Choshu The Tokugawa Shogun based his power on Control of 1/4 of the nation’s rice crop and military capability […]

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Japanese Frequency Words

always いつも almost always たいてい often よく half the time ときどき not very much あまり seldom たまに almost never ほとんど never せんせん

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Chinese and Japanese Cuisine

Both sweet desserts are reserved for special occasions. Japan aesthetic appearance is an important element of the cuisine. China a cleaver is used to preform all cutting tasks when preparing foods. Japan fish is more important to the diet than meat. Both Three meals are typical served each day. China soup is eaten with tiny […]

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Japanese Numbers 1-12

one ichi いち two ni に three san さん four shi / yon し/よん five go ご six roku ろく seven shichi しち eight hachi はち nine kyū / ku きゅう/く ten jū じゅう eleven jūichi じゅういち twelve jūni じゅうに

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The Japanese Invasion of Manchuria and the response of the League of Nations.

Why did Japan need to invade China? 1. The Wall St Crash sent the US economy into depression. 2. To protect the US economy, the government imposed import tariffs 3. Between 1929 and 1931 the Japanese economic production fell by 30%. 4. Japan could not import enough food because they had no money How was […]

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Explain how the U.S. was able to defeat Japan in the Pacific War

Reason #1 Despite the damage inflicted by the attack on Pearl Harbour the American Pacific fleet was not destroyed and was able to recover Reason #2 When they attacked Pearl Harbour the Japanese failed to destroy the aircraft carriers which played a critical role in defeating Japan Reason #3 The American victory at Midway was […]

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Ch 22.3 – Japanese

What was the diplomatic policy of Japan under the Tokugawa rulers? – it kept an isolationist policy – only kept formal relations with Korea and only allowed the Dutch and the Chinese merchants to trade in their ports Who was Matthew Perry and what did he do in Japan? He was an American Commodore who […]

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Adventures in Japanese 1 Chapter 3 Vocabulary

ちち chichi my father はは haha my mother あに ani my older brother あね ane my older sister おとうと otooto my younger brother いもうと imooto my younger sister かぞく kazoku family きょうだい kyoodai siblings なまえ namae name だれ dare who ~にん ~nin people (counter) ~さい ~sai years old (counter) そうですか soo desu ka oh really […]

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World History: Chapter 17 Section 2

No, before Japan industrialized enough Western powers established their spheres of influence in China Was Japan the first country to try to dominate other countries in Asia? They felt that they could and should control all of East Asia by military force since they were close and more powerful Why did it seem logical to […]

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CH 27 Japan and the Koreas

What types of landforms cover Japan and the Korean Peninsula? Rugged moutains How are the physical features of Japan and Korea similar and different? Similar: rugged mountains that form long ranges. Different: Korea has some large plains and more rivers than Japan. How do you think natural disasters affect life in Japan and Korea? Natural […]

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Japanese Vocabulary Lesson 12 Genki Textbook

ashi leg; foot imi meaning onaka stomach kaze cold kanosho girlfriend kare boyfriend kion temperature kumori cloudy weather ji (yu) – su juice seiji politics seiseki grade seki cough nodo throat ha tooth hana flower hare sunny weather ***u clothes futsukayoi hangover pu re ze n to present ho – mu shi (tsu) ku homesickness […]

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Japanese Classroom Instruction

I have a question Shitsumon ga arimasu Please say that again Moo ichido onegai shimasu I don’t understand Wakarimasen I understood Wakarimashita Please wait a moment Chotto matte kudasai How do you say book in Japanese? Book wa Nihongo de nan to iimasu ka. You say hon Hon to iimasu Please close your book Hon […]

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16.2 Japan’s Pacific Campaign

What American colonies were threatened by Japan’s plans for Southeast Asia? Philippine Islands and Guam What country did the U.S. send aid to, to stop the Japanese advances and to protect their Southeast Asian colonies? China, Chinese resistance What resource did Roosevelt cut off in July 1941, after the Japanese overran French Indochina? oil shipments […]

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