Dutch Vocabulary

het glas glass het mes knife de vork fork de lepel spoon het bord plate de kop cup het brood bread de boter butter het nagerecht dessert de vis fish de hoofdgerecht main course het vlees meat de peper pepper de salade salad het zout salt de soep soup

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Dutch Colonization

What did the Dutch focus on when colonizing? * Trade rather than land Where was the Dutch territory centered? * Around the Hudson River Haudenosaunee * A confederation of Iroquois who traded with the Dutch New Netherland * In early 1600’s the Dutch sent an Englishman named Henry Hudson to explore the American northeast * […]

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Dutch Numbers 1-100

1 een 2 twee 3 drie 4 vier 5 vijf 6 zes 7 zeven 8 acht 9 nen 10 tien 11 elf 12 twaalf 13 dertien 14 veertien 15 vijftien 16 zestien 17 zeventien 18 achttien 19 nentien 20 twintig 21 twintigeen 22 twintigtwee 23 twintigdrie 24 twintigvier 25 twintigvijf 26 twintigzes 27 twintigzeven 28 […]

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The Dutch Empire

What 12 items did the Dutch EIndia C trade for? Tea Coffee Sugar Rice Tobacco Silk Textiles Porcelain Cinnamon Pepper Nutmeg Cloves What is the CO now considered? 1st real multinational corp Spice Islands 1st three traders were? Arab merchants Port Dutch The Dutch base in Indonesia was? Batavia Batavia now? Capital now called? Independent […]

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100 most common verbs-Dutch

to accept accepteren to allow toestaan to ask vragen to believe geloven to borrow lenen to break breken to bring brengen to buy kopen to be able to kunnen to cancel annuleren to change veranderen to clean schoon te maken to comb kammen to complain klagen to cough hoesten to count tellen to cut snijden […]

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The Dutch "Golden age"

the low countries the Netherlands Dutch “Golden Age” no monarch! federalist structure where the power is divided among people trade and shipping is where they got most of their money, the sea is very important to them stable, thriving economy a certain level of religious toleration “golden age” of artist and thinkers Dutch society Amsterdam, […]

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C4 L4 The French and the Dutch

Who was Samuel de Champlain? French merchants wanted the wealth that came from the fur trade. A group of French merchants hired Samuel de Champlain to find a place to build a settlement. Samuel de Champlain was a French explorer who founded Quebec in what is now Canada. What happened in 1608? In 1608, Samuel […]

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APWH Chapter 23 GRQs

What was the major difference in trade during 500-1500 and the period beginning after 1500? The major difference in trade during 500-1500 and the period beginning after 1500 was that in the period of 500-1500, the world’s most powerful societies were those that were organized by imperial states such as the Tang dynasty of China, […]

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History of Graphic Design – Dutch GD

Dutch Golden Age large influx of money and intelligence helped the rise of the Dutch republic. Gerrit Rietveld Self-taught. Designed the Red, Yellow, and Blue chair. Sought to design and create mass produced furniture with a simple approach to construction. Member of De Stijl movement. Designed the Schroder House. Photo Montage montage constructed from photographic […]

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The Dutch Found New Netherlands

when did Henry Hudson sail up the Hidson river? as early as 1609 when did the Dutch government grant the newly formed Dutch west India company permission to colonize New Netherlands? 1621 what did the colony prosper in? fur trade to encourage growth what did the colony do? Open doors to all types of traders […]

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The French and the Dutch

Why did the French and the Dutch set up colonies? They wanted the wealth that came with fur trade. Who was Samuel de Champlain? A group of merchants hired him to find a place to build a settlement. He foundd Quebec along the St. Lawrence River. What was the first French settlement in North America? […]

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Spanish, Dutch, French, and English colonies in the Americas

Spanish areas colonized Mexico, Peru, West Indies, Florida Spanish reasons for colonization *trade route to Asia *gold, silver *christianity * establish military base Spanish relations with natives *intermarriage *slavery *granted Indians certain rights *mesitzos Spanish organization of empire included most populous parts of New World and regions richest in natural resources French areas colonized Land […]

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Dutch Terms

ABN The official form of Dutch is known as Algemeen Beschaafd Nederlands (ABN), literally general civilized Dutch, or standaardnederlands. The written form of ABN is considered the official spelling of the language. It is monitored by the Taalunie, an organisation backed by the Dutch and Belgian governments. Every 10 years or so there are changes […]

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Spell It! DUTCH Spelling Words DEFINED

cockatoo a colorful bird that lives mostly in rainforests keelhaul to punish by dragging under the keel of a ship harpoon a spear like weapon furlough a temporarily leave from a military bowery a street noted for cheap hotels easel a set up tripod for holster a handgun freebooter a pirate (buccaneer) waffle pancake batter […]

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Ch. 6 history

Why were spices of the East needed? They were needed to preserve and flavor food and for medicine Describe chief motives for European expansion. they wanted to expand for trading, especially for spices. they wanted to find precious metal (gold, silver, etc.) they wanted to expand their religion they also wanted to gain territory for […]

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Discovering the Dutch

allochtonen In the Netherlands these non-Western immigrants are called allochtonen, “those who come from elsewhere.” autotonen People who come from a Dutch background, not immigrants coalition “Purple Coalition” 1994 to 2002 “purple” coalitions of social democrats (red party colors) and liberals (blue) that governed between 1994 and 2002. These were not only the first coalitions […]

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The Middle Colonies

Patroon A landowner who had certain privileges under the former Dutch government of New York. A patroon usually owned a large amount of land. Proprietary Colony Belonging to a proprietor; owned by a private person. Peter Stuyvesant New Netherlands governor who refused to surrender to England. Took New Netherlands without firing a shot. Duke of […]

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Dutch menu prices

Hot or Iced Small Price 3.00 Hot or Iced Medium Price 3.50 Hot or Iced Large Price 4.50 Extra Shot Price .50 Blended Sizes 16 24 32 Rebel 16 oz Price 3.50 Rebel 24 oz Price 4.50 Rebel 32 oz Price 6.50 Dutch Tea Small Price 1.75 Dutch Tea Medium Price 2.25 Dutch Tea Large […]

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Elizabeth’s Dutch FP

1567 Phil sends troops under Alba to deal with presumed rebellion – Eliz under pressure from fellow Prots to intervene 1568 Eliz undergoes Anjou marriage negotiations to forestall full scale invasion 1572 Eliz expels Sea Beggars from eng ports – forced to land in Brielle, sparking full scale revolt against repressive policies and high taxation […]

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Western Civ Set 31: Section 20-1 Review (Study Guide)

Dutch Build Dikes (Cause) Reclamation of Land (Effect) Dutch combine small fields and use fertilizer from livestock (Cause) Restore exhausted soil (Effect) English mix soils and experiment with crop rotation (Cause) Higher crop yield (Effect) The seed drill invented (Cause) Fewer seeds are wasted; planting is quicker (Effect) Land enclosure (Cause) Farm output and profits […]

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Spanish,Dutch,French Colonies

Dutch Colonies Who’s land was very spread out? The Dutch Colonies New Spain and Peru were regions of? The dutch colonies A Viceroy ruled each region of? Dutch Colonies Pueblos were towns that were centers for Farming and trade for the? Dutch Peninsulares held the highest jobs in the —— colonies? Dutch, the laws of […]

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