chinese number 11-20

十一 shíyī – eleven 十二 shí’èr – twelve 十三 shísān – thirteen 十四 shísì – fourteen 十五 shíwǔ – fifteen 十六 shíliù – sixteen 十七 shíqī – seventeen 十八 shíbā – eighteen 十九 shíjiǔ – nineteen 二十 èrshí – twenty

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Chinese Character Frequency List (1-500)

的 de/di2/di4 (possessive particle)/of, really and truly, aim/clear 一 yi1 one/1/single/a(n) 是 shi4 is/are/am/yes/to be 不 bu4/bu2 (negative prefix)/not/no 了 le/liao3/liao4 (modal particle intensifying preceding clause)/(completed action marker), to know/to understand/to know, clear, look afar 在 zai4 (located) at/in/exist 人 ren2 man/person/people 有 you3 to have/there is/there are/to exist/to be 我 wo3 I/me/myself 他 ta1 […]

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Chinese WB page 4

What is the official language of China? Mandrin What is the origin of the Chinese writing system? Pictographic The earliest Chinese writings were discovered how? A. Inscribed on oracle bone B. Were written over 3000 years ago C. Were inscribed on turtle shells Each Chinese character is pronounced as how many syllables? One What style […]

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Chinese Weather

天气 tiānqì, weather 风 fēng, wind 下雨 xiàyǔ, to rain 下雪 xiàxuě, to snow 热 rè, hot 冷 lěng, cold 凉快 liángkuài, cool and pleasant 北京 Běijīng, the capital city of China 春天 chūntiān, spring 风沙 fēngshā, dust storm 夏天 xiàtiān, summer 又 yòu… yòu…, [indicating more than one condition] 秋天 qiūtiān, autumn 冬天 dōngtiān, […]

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Chinese and Japanese Cuisine

Both sweet desserts are reserved for special occasions. Japan aesthetic appearance is an important element of the cuisine. China a cleaver is used to preform all cutting tasks when preparing foods. Japan fish is more important to the diet than meat. Both Three meals are typical served each day. China soup is eaten with tiny […]

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衣服 yīfu – clothes, clothing 衬衫 chènshān – shirt 裙子 qúnzi – skirt 裤子 kùzi – trousers 鞋子 xiézi – shoes 袜子 wà zi, wàzi – socks 制服 zhìfù – uniform 校服 xiào fú – school uniform 睡衣 shuì yī — pajamas, sleepwear 牛仔裤 niúzǎikù – jeans 皮鞋 píxié – leather shoes 运动鞋 yùn dòng […]

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Chinese Numbers with Tones

1 yī (or yāo when telling somebody your phone number) 2 èr (or liǎng, following measurements) 3 sān 4 sì 5 wǔ 6 liù 7 qī 8 bā 9 jiǔ 10 shí 11 shí yī 12 shí èr 20 èr shí 21 èr shí yī 100 bǎi 123 yī bǎi èr shí sān 1,000 qiān […]

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Chinese Discoveries and Inventions

What were some of the subjects that Chinese scholars studied? Engineering, mathematics, science, and medicine When did the Tang and Song dynasties take place? 200 to 1400 CE What is a magnetic compass and why was it useful? magnetized needle, aligns itself with the earths magnetic poles, helped the chinese navigate on long voyages What […]

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Chinese and Japanese in the Americas

Envy of the world Chinese exports of silk, tea, porcelain and drugs were wanted by all part of the world. Sinocentrism The historical ideology that China was the cultural center of the world Foreign Trade China’s wealth restricted it along lines of national security 1800-1911 Until the end of the 18th century Europe viewed China […]

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