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Psych Chapter 10

Why do we conduct experiments? Because we would like to understand as much as we can about the nature of a relationship between two variables so that we can possibly influence some outcome Example: Seeing red Background Red has many connotations, mostly negative Psychologist Andrew Elliot wanted to test whether the color red impacted performance […]

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Chapter 7-6 Nervous System

autonomic nervous system Nerves that control involuntary body functions of muscles, glands, and internal organs. brain The part of the central nervous system that is located in the skull and controls most functions in the body central nervous system brain and spinal cord cerebellum the “little brain” attached to the rear of the brainstem; it […]

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COMPTIA A+ Network Protocols

What is the bit length of an IPv4 address? 32 bits Which of the answers listed below refers to an IPv4 loopback address? IPv6 addresses are expressed with the use of: Hexadecimal numbers An IPv6 address consists of how many bits? 128 bits Which of the following are IPv6 loopback addresses? (Select 2 answers) […]

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MEDA 221 Test 13

Medicare Secondary Payer MSP This explains Medicare’s unfavorable response to a request for redetermination Medicare Redetermination Notice How many steps are there in the Medicare appeal process? 5 to double-check that totals are accurate and consistent reconciliation The _____________ of a claim refers to the payer’s decision regarding payment. determination A medical practice may choose […]

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AP Psychology Chapter 2: Research Methods Multiple Choice Part 2/2

Organized sets of concepts that explain phenomena are A) Independent Variables B) Dependent Variables C) Hypotheses D) Theories E) Statistics D Students will be able to read a statement printed in the Comic Sans font faster than the same statement written in the Lucida Calligraphy font. This statement is a(n) A) Hypothesis B) Theory C) […]

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Psych Chap 9

bisexuals with members of either sex assumptions are premises for which no proof or evidence is offered incentive is an external goal that has the capacity to motivate behavior argument consists of one or more premises that are used to provide support for a conclusion homeostasis a state of physiological equilibrium or stability homosexuals with […]

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Randomized Experiments

How are randomized experiments different from quasi-experimental designs? Randomization reduces the plausibility of alternative explanation, making it similar to design features used in QE, but distinguishes itself in that it can yield unbiased estimates of the average treatment effect; prevents selection bias- all other threats still exist, but likelihood of these threats confounding treatment is […]

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what is a hormone chemical signals that are secreted into the circulatory sytem and communicate regulatory messeges within the body hormones only elicit a response to ONLY target cells because they have the receptor that matches the hormone endocrine system coordinates slower long term responses ex: reproduction, development, energy metablosim, growth and behavior nervous system […]

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MGMT Chapter 8

Which of the following depicts the positions in the firm and how they are arranged? A. Benchmarking B. Departmentalization C. Situational analysis D. Organization chart E. Value chain D. Organization chart The organization chart depicts the positions in the firm and the way they are arranged. The chart provides a picture of the reporting structure […]

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Management Chapter 10

Leadership The process by which an individual exerts influence over other people and inspires, motivates, and directs their activities to help achieve group or organizational goals Leader An individual who is able to exert influence over other people to help achieve group or organizational goals Servant Leaders A leader who has a strong desire to […]

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Chapter 2 – Basics of a Java Program Vocabulary

Programming Language set of rules, symbols, and special words used to construct programs syntax rules tell you which statements (instructions) are legal, or accepted by the programming language or not semantic rules determine the meaning of the instructions token smallest individual unit of a program written in any programming language. Java has 3 categories of […]

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Health Insurance Test 4

A payer’s refusal to pay for a reported procedure that does not meet its medical necessity criteria medical necessity denial Improper or excessive payments resulting from billing errors for which the provider owes refunds overpayments Letter from Medicare to an appellant regarding a first-level appeal Medicare Redetermination Notice Analysis of how long a payer has […]

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Music Appreciation Assignment 3

program music instrumental music endowed w/literary or pictorial association, popular during the romantic period nationalism deliberate intent to draw creative inspiration from the composer’s own homeland # of musicians in typical orchestra of the late romantic period … incidental music intended to be performed before or during a play, to set the mood for scenes […]

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S.S chapter 5

what was the most important element of the Northwest ordinance it established public schools and prohibited slavery what does the assignment of Township lots reveal about the values of Americans at this time valued education and veterans what was the debate between North and South over counting the slave population The south wanted the slaves […]

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Anthro Chapter 12

it distinguished them from the government’s soldiers Why did Liberian rebel soldiers cross-dress during the civil war in the 1990s? Margaret Mead The early anthropologist who wrote the book Sex and Temperament in Three Primitive Societies and was the first to distinguish between biological sex and gender roles was gender/sex systems Anthropologists commonly refer to […]

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Chapter 5: Life Insurance

Insurable Interest Imposed by law to prevent gaming/wagering. 1)Personal 2)Business What is the PURPOSE of Insurable Interest? We don’t want people to profit off the death of someone there is no financial interest in. (4) Personal Parties where there’s Insurable Interests in the insured: 1) Parent to the child 2) Child to the Parent 3) […]

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207 Psyc Final

C Characteristics such as a participant’s age, sex, and income level are classifies as: A. criterion variables B. causal Variables C. demographics D. quasi-independent variables D On a questionnaire, Dr. Jones asks participants to answer the following question: “What do you think about the genetic engineering of food crops?” This question is an example of […]

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Endocrine Med-Surg

The charge nurse on the medical-surgical unit is making client assignments for the shift. Which client will be the most appropriate to assign to an LPN/LVN? Client with Cushing’s syndrome who requires orthostatic vital signs assessments Correct: An LPN/LVN will be familiar with Cushing’s syndrome and the method for assessment of orthostatic vital signs A […]

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Chapter 3 Expressions and Interactivity

Write a statement that reads an integer value from standard input into val. Assume that val has already been declared as an int variable . cin >> val; Write the declaration of a char array named smallWord suitable for storing 4-letter words such as “love”, “hope” and “care”. char smallWord[5]; Assume that name and age […]

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IHMO ch 5 worksheet 1

proper coding can mean financial success or failure of a medical practice true all diagnosis that affect the current status of the patient and are documented can be assigned a code true it is possible for the primary diagnosis and the principal diagnosis to be the same true when the physician makes hospital visits, code […]

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Weber’s Least Cost Theory of Industrial Location

Least Cost Theory predicted where industries would locate based on the locations that would be the lowest cost Weber’s Model Assumes -heavier the good and/or further the distance cost more to ship -aim to minimize cost and increase profit -are in fixed locations -labor exists only in certain places -political-cultural landscape is the same across […]

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