Astronomy Mid Term

The number of degrees in a full circle is 360 How many arcseconds are there in a full circle? 360 x 3600 In angular measurements used in astronomy, how many right angles are there in a full circle? four One arcsecond is equal to 1/3600 degree One arcminute is equal to 1/60 degree. On a […]

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Solar System Vocabulary Worksheet

Solar nebula a huge spinning cloud of dust and gas Axis an imaginary line running through the center of an object Revolve to turn on an axis Astronomer one who studies planets and stars in space Planet a large object in space that orbits around a star Moon a celestial object that orbits about a […]

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Quiz: How Did Planets Form? Question 1a of 10 ( 2 Comets and Asteroids 147012 ) Maximum Attempts: 1 Question Type: Multiple Choice Maximum Score: 5 Question: Which of these is mostly made up of ice? Choice Feedback A. Meteors That’s not correct. They are not mostly made up of ice, but rock. B. Asteroids […]

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Planets of the solar system pt1

The hottest planet in the solar system is_________ and the coldest is ____________ Venus and Neptune The gas giant are ______ dense and have ________ moons than the terrestrial planets Less….more Planets are kept in their orbits by the gravitational attraction of the ____ Sun The planets with the strongest winds is ______________ Neptune The […]

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Chapter 13 – Quiz 13

Based on everything you have learned about the formation of our solar system, which of the following statements is probably not true? Other solar systems will also have planets in the two basic categories of terrestrial and jovian. Only a tiny percentage of stars are surrounded by spinning disks of gas during their formation. Other […]

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Science Unit 3 Test- Units 1 and 2

What is the solar system? It is the sun and all of the planets and other bodies that orbit the sun. Who purposed the early models of the solar system? Aristotle, Aristarchus, Ptolemy, Copernicus, Kepler, and Galileo. What is the heliocentric model? The earth and other planets that orbit the sun. What is geocentric model? […]

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Chapter 27: Planets of the Solar System

solar system the sun and all of the planets and other bodies that travel around it planet any of the primary bodies that orbit the sun; a similar body that orbits another star solar nebula a large cloud of gas and dust such as the one that formed our solar system planetesimal a small body […]

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Astronomy Homework for Exam 2

the 8000 K star would emits more light at every wavelength and would emit photons with a higher energy describe 2 ways in which the thermal radiation spectrum of an 8000 K star would differ from a 4000 K star ??? Doppler Effect the effect that shifts the wavelengths of spectral features in objects that […]

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Science Chapter 23

According to a relatively recent discovery, which planet has one satellite? Pluto Most meteor showers are associated with the orbits of Comets A comet’s tail always points Away from the sun Which of the following is NOT a terrestrial planet? Jupiter How many known satellites does Mars have? 2 Which of the following is NOT […]

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