[Ch. 17] Team Building and Team Training

Definitions of Team Building Approaches to improving the operation of teams. Many perspectives on team building: -Problem-solving process that focuses on the following three issues: 1) What keeps the team from being effective? 2) What changes could improve the team’s effectiveness? 3) What is the team doing effectively now that it wants to continue doing? […]

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Chapter 11: Effective Team Building

Team consists of a small number of people who: 1) need contributions from each members to succeed, 2) share a common purpose and set of goals and approaches, 3) hold themselves accountable for accomplishments of goals Interdisciplinary team comprised of members with a variety of clinical expertise Advantages of Interdisciplinary Team (3) 1)variety of clinical […]

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Business vocabulary in use – Unit 9 Teambuilding

Teams Tasks can be achieved more easily by …. Engagement … commitment The level of … and … is the degree to which team members feel involved with the team. Team leader The person in charge of the team Team effort The work done together by the team Team performance The results that the team […]

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Management ch 6 team building

forming members become acquanted storming conflict begins (ideally healthy) Norming members reach agreement Performing members work together adjourning group disbands a process that begins when you perceive that someone has frustrated or is about to frustrate a major concern conflict mediate diffusion or confrontation arbitrate judgment by a third party control cool down period accept […]

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team building p3

settle conflict улаживать конфликт rebellion восстание, бунт anxious тревожный, озабоченный disband распускать, расформировывать celebrate праздновать, отмечать sleep walker лунатик match спичка frank откровенный dreadful ужасный clock in начинать работу (в установленное время) laptop ноутбук bear выдерживать, вытерпеть, стерпеть indecision нерешительность make up one’s mind решить, решиться performance производительность, эффективность reconsider пересмотреть prawn креветка casserole запеканка, […]

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Unit 9 – Team building

common purpose when a group of person do something intentionally/not by accident individuals a person who thinks or behaves in their own original way teamwork the ability of a group of people to work well together team building the process of encouraging members of a group to work well together engagement an arrangement to meet […]

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team building (vocabulary)

mismatch несоответствие mismatched несовместимый, несочетающийся pro-European проевропейский disconnect разъединить, отключить bilateral двусторонний hyperlink гиперссылка impatient нетерпеливый uncommunicative необщительный indecisive нерешительный inefficient неэффективный impractical непрактичный

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Chapter 11 – Team Building

Team building teams tend to be more successful or effective because when people know they are part of a team, they usually cooperate more fully -setting goals that are clear and specific but also challenging and worthwhile for each group member -determining roles of each member –if members are uncertain of their roles and there […]

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Team building vocabulary

Cutting-edge a feature that gives someone or something an advantage To foster to help something to develop over a period of time Dedicated spending all your time and effort on something To brisk moving or acting quickly Joint venture an agreement between two companies to work together on a particular job, usually in order to […]

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