Project Management Exam 2 Terms

Avoiding risk Elimination of the risk cause before the project begins. Budget reserve Reserve setup to cover identified risks that may occur and influence baseline tasks or costs. These reserves are typically controlled by the project manager and the project team. See management reserve. Change management system A defined process for authorizing and documenting changes […]

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Project Management CAPM/PMP CH8-13

You are the project manager for the BBB Project. Stacy, a project team member, is confused about what QA is. Which of the following best describes QA? QA is concerned with overall project quality performance. You are the PM for the Photo Scanning Project. This project is similar to another project you have completed. Your […]

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Project Management: Chapter 1

1 a Project is a one-off, temporary activity with a clear start and a clear end (though some projects never seem to end); it has Full or Part-time Resources clearly assigned to it 2 a Project is a beneficial change which uses the Special Project Management Techniques to Plan and Control the Scope of Work […]

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Project Management CQ

What are five attributes of construction projects that require project management techniques? -unique assembly with specific parameters – completed within a finite duration – located geographically away from the company – separate management of each project – substantial subcontracting is used What are the typical goals of a construction project? to be profitable and successful. […]

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Project Management Professional

Adaptive Life Cycle This is a project life cycle that anticipates many changes to the project scope and demands highly involved stakeholders. Also known as the agile project management methodology. Balanced Matrix Structure An organization where organizational resources are pooled into one project team, but the functional managers and the project managers share the project […]

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balanced matrix a matrix structure in which the project manager and functional managers share roughly equal authority over the project. The project manager decides what needs to be done; functional managers are concerned with how it will be accomplished dedicated project team an organizational structure in which all of the resources needed to accomplish a […]

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Project Management Ch. 1-3

project is a temporary endeavor undertaken to create a unique product, service or result. stakeholders are persons or organizations that are actively involved in the project, or whose interests may be positively or negatively affected by the project. Project Management is the application of knowledge skills, tools, and techniques to project activities to meet project […]

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Project Management: Unit 3

A small group of people with a combination of expertise or skills critical to the project is called the Core project team. What is a work breakdown structure (WBS)? A WBS is a hierarchal structured grouping of project elements that organizes and defines the scope of the total project. Define Work package? This is the […]

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Supply chain; Project Management

Project A series of related jobs usually directed toward some major output and requiring a significant period of time to perform What is a project • Unique item – often a single unit. • Often located on one place. The unit does not move during production. • Resources are brought to the project. • May […]

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