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Project Management CQ

What are five attributes of construction projects that require project management techniques? -unique assembly with specific parameters – completed within a finite duration – located geographically away from the company – separate management of each project – substantial subcontracting is used What are the typical goals of a construction project? to be profitable and successful. […]

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balanced matrix a matrix structure in which the project manager and functional managers share roughly equal authority over the project. The project manager decides what needs to be done; functional managers are concerned with how it will be accomplished dedicated project team an organizational structure in which all of the resources needed to accomplish a […]

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Project Management Professional

Adaptive Life Cycle This is a project life cycle that anticipates many changes to the project scope and demands highly involved stakeholders. Also known as the agile project management methodology. Balanced Matrix Structure An organization where organizational resources are pooled into one project team, but the functional managers and the project managers share the project […]

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Project Management Ch. 1-3

project is a temporary endeavor undertaken to create a unique product, service or result. stakeholders are persons or organizations that are actively involved in the project, or whose interests may be positively or negatively affected by the project. Project Management is the application of knowledge skills, tools, and techniques to project activities to meet project […]

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Project Management: Unit 3

A small group of people with a combination of expertise or skills critical to the project is called the Core project team. What is a work breakdown structure (WBS)? A WBS is a hierarchal structured grouping of project elements that organizes and defines the scope of the total project. Define Work package? This is the […]

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Supply chain; Project Management

Project A series of related jobs usually directed toward some major output and requiring a significant period of time to perform What is a project • Unique item – often a single unit. • Often located on one place. The unit does not move during production. • Resources are brought to the project. • May […]

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Project Management- Chapter 6

What do the Project Time Management processes ensure? The timely completion of a project. What are 2 methods for schedule compression Crashing: Adding resources to critical path activities Fast tracking: Applying a lead to activities that would typically start only after precedent activities are finished What are 3 ways to graphically depict a project schedule/ […]

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Project Management Exam 2 Terms

Avoiding risk Elimination of the risk cause before the project begins. Budget reserve Reserve setup to cover identified risks that may occur and influence baseline tasks or costs. These reserves are typically controlled by the project manager and the project team. See management reserve. Change management system A defined process for authorizing and documenting changes […]

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Project Management CAPM/PMP CH8-13

You are the project manager for the BBB Project. Stacy, a project team member, is confused about what QA is. Which of the following best describes QA? QA is concerned with overall project quality performance. You are the PM for the Photo Scanning Project. This project is similar to another project you have completed. Your […]

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Project Management Exam 1

A professional organization for project management specialists is the A. PMI B. AMA C. MIS D. IPM E. PMBOK A Which of the following is NOT considered to be characteristic of a project? A. An established objective B. A clear beginning and end C. Specific time, cost and performance requirements D. For internal use only […]

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Project Management Methods

Traditional Project Management Methods best practices include Below can be used in a project: PERT CPM Critical Chain Waterfall PRINCE2 PMBOK – is not a method for a PM, but is an official STANDARD for PM PMBOK 5 steps/processes Initiating, planning, executing, monitoring, & controlling, & closing Project evaluation & review technique (PERT) Uses statistical […]

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Project Management Chapter 1

Project a temporary endeavor undertaken to create a unique product, service, or result” Name 5 Project Attributes o Has a unique purpose o Is temporary o Is developed using progressive elaboration o Requires resources, often from various areas o Should have a primary customer or sponsor Triple Constraint Successful project management means meeting all three […]

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project management fill in the blank

Good ____________________ management is critical to providing stakeholder satisfaction. project integration ____________________ involves identifying and managing the points of interaction between various elements of the project. Interface management Project initiation starts with identifying potential projects, using realistic methods to select which projects to work on, and then formalizing their initiation by issuing some sort of […]

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Project Management Process Groups

Project management processes -Controlling the project schedule -Planning communications with stakeholders -Awarding a tender to the engineering company that will design and build the ride Product-oriented processes -Installing the fencing and signage for the ride -Assembling the ridge at its new site – Testing the passenger safety restraints What statements best represent the relationship between […]

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Project Management Overview

Define Activities A planning process in the Time Management Knowledge Area Develop Project Charter An Initiating process in the integration Management Knowledge Area Perform Quality Assurance An Executing process in the Quality Management Knowledge Area Manage Communications An Executing process in the Communications Management Knowledge Area Control Procurements A Monitoring & Controlling process in the […]

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RAT Project Management

Define project. Series of activities/tasks – temporary endeavor undertaken to create unique product or service – usually a one-time activity with a well defined set of desired results What are six elements of a project? -broken into tasks/steps -specific objective completed within certain specifications -defined start/end -has funding limits -human/nonhuman resourced -multifunctional ***ACRONYM: Tanya Smith […]

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Project Management Chapter 5

What is estimating – forecasting the time & cost of completing project deliverables Why are accurate estimates critical to effective project management? They are needed to: – Support good decisions – Schedule work – determine how long the project should take and how much it will cost – determine whether the project is worth doing […]

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Project Management Midterm

Project managers would prefer to communicate in which of the following manners if given a choice? Informal and oral Which type of interpersonal influences would be represented by a project manager that has a command of technology? Expert Power William Ouchi’s approach that managers in Japanese companies have a better relationship with their subordinates falls […]

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Project Management Test 1

What are some defining characteristics of projects? 1. An established objective(goals) 2. A defined life span with a begining and end 3. The involvment of several departments and professionals (Specialized teams for different tasks) 4.Doing things that hve never been done before(accomplishing someting “new”/unique) 5.Specific time, cost, and performance requirements(these are what evaluations involve) what […]

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Project Management Overview Prof Canada Santa Monica College

Which of the following many consider to be the first project in which modern project management tools were applied? a. The building of the pyramids b. The Great Wall of China c. The Manhattan Project d. All of the above c. The Manhattan Project Which of the following can be considered a project? a. Volunteering […]

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WGU Project Management

A Guide to Project Management Body of Knowledge (PMBOK Guide) The project management standard developed by the Project Management Institute. Benefit measurement methods A type of decision model that compares the benefits obtained from a variety of new project requests by evaluating them using the same criteria and comparing the results. Co-located When team members […]

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