Leadership Styles

Leadership Styles a. Autocratic Leadership b. Democratic Leadership c. Laissez Faire Leadership Autocratic Leadership make decisions on behalf of the group and maintain strict order Democratic Leadership promotes group-based decision making, active member involvement, honest feedback, and team unity Laissez Faire Leadership gives the group complete independence and avoids becoming involved in its discussions or […]

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Nursing leadership styles

autocratic retains all authority, makes all decisions and establishes one-way communication with the work group autocratic leadership style good for crisis situations Democratic focuses on teamwork and workgroup participation in decision-making, leader collaborates with others in making decisions. Democratic leadership style can be effective with mature staff Laissez-Faire leader gives up control with free-run or […]

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Amazon Leadership Principles

Customer Obsession Leaders start with the customer and work backwards. They work vigorously to earn and keep customer trust. Although leaders pay attention to competitors, they obsess over customers. Ownership Leaders are owners. They think long term and don’t sacrifice long-term value for short-term results. They act on behalf of the entire company, beyond just […]

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Trait Theory of Leadership

Which is narrower in focus? Charismatic or Transformational? Charismatic Which is broader in focus? Transformational Which emphasizes characteristics of the leader? Charismatic or Transformational? Charismatic Which emphasizes what the leader accomplishes, & changes in the organization or group? Charismatic or Transformational? Transformational Is transactional leadership based on an exchange relationship and perpetuates status quo? Yes […]

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Task-oriented Leadership

5 Key Elements 1. Creates clear and engaging direction 2. Utilize the skills and abilities of team members 3. Establish an enabling team structure 4. Achieve strong team decision-making process 5. Create capabilities to learn and adapt SMART Specific Measurable Attainable Relevant Time-bound

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Situational Leadership Model

What is Situational Leadership? This is a term that can be applied generically to a style of leadership, but that also refers to a recognized, and useful, leadership model. In simple terms, a situational leader is one who can adopt different leadership styles depending on the situation. Most of us do this anyway in our […]

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21 Irrefutable Laws of Leadership – John Maxwell

1. THE LAW OF THE LID Leadership Ability Determines a Person’s Level of Effectiveness. 2. THE LAW OF INFLUENCE & LEVERAGE The True Measure of Leadership is Influence and Leverage – Nothing More, Nothing Less. 3. THE LAW OF PROCESS Leadership Develops Daily, Not in a Day 4. THE LAW OF NAVIGATION Anyone Can Steer […]

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Laissez-Faire Leadership

Define Laissez-Faire Leadership A leadership policy where all the rights and power to make decisions is fully given to the worker What are some characteristics of a Laissez-Faire-led organisation? 1. Leaders are hands off 2. Generally leads to lowest productivity 3. Complete freedom for followers to make decisions (expected to solve problems on their own) […]

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Participative leadership

Participative leadership The business fully involves one or more employees in the decision making process Advantage of Participative leadership Utilises talents and creativity of subordinates Disadvantage of Participative leadership Slows the decision making process and has less consistency

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Relational Leadership Model

Purposeful Committed to a goal or activity, Finding common purpose with others, Being aware of the vision helps make sure your activities are in line with what your ultimate purpose is Working toward positive change. Inclusive Understanding, valuing, and actively engaging diversity in: Views, Approaches or Styles, and Aspects of individuality Developing the strengths and […]

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USMC Leadership Traits

Justice … is defined as the practice of being fair and consistent. A just person gives consideration to each side of a situation and bases rewards or punishments on merit. Judgement … is your ability to think about things clearly, calmly, and in an orderly fashion so that you can make good decisions. Dependability … […]

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Adaptive Leadership Characteristics:

Confident This is the characteristic of a leader who is certain either that an idea or solution is correct or that a chosen course of action is the best or most effective. Confidence can be a self-fulfilling prophecy as those without it may fail or not try because they lack it and those with it […]

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MARINE CORPS PHILOSOPHY OF LEADERSHIP IMPORTANT DEFINITIONS Command The authority a person in the military lawfully exercises over subordinates by virtue of rank and assignment or position. Management A process of planning, organizing, coordinating, directing, and controlling resources to accomplish a mission. Leadership The act of influencing others to accomplish the mission BASIS AND APPLICATION […]

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Authentic Leadership Theory

authenticity whether a leader is genuine and real interpersonal perspective relational, created by leaders and followers together; authenticity emerges from interactions intrapersonal perspective focuses closely on the leader and what goes on within the leader; self knowledge, regulation, and concept developmental perspective authentic leadership is a pattern of leader behavior that develops from and is […]

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Leadership Styles Vocab Quiz

Leadership the ability to influence others Authoritative leadership style in which the leader makes all decisions on their own with little or no input from others Participative also know as democratic leadership; the leader encourages group participation Laissez Faire also known as delegative leadership; French term referring to the noninterference in the business of others […]

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Level 5 Leadership

5 Levels of Leadership 1) highly capable individual, 2) contributing team member, 3) competent manager, 4) effective leader, 5) executive Level 1 highly capable individual, makes productive contributions through talent, knowledge, skills, and good work habits Level 2 contributing team member, contributes to the achievement of group objectives, works effectively with others in a group […]

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Marine Corps Leadership Traits

JUSTICE is defined as the practice of being fair and consistent. A just person gives consideration to each side of a situation and bases rewards or punishments on merit. JUDGMENT is your ability to think about things clearly, calmly, and in an orderly fashion so that you can make good decisions. DEPENDABILITY means that you […]

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Leadership Theories (Behavioral & Contingency Approach)

Leadership Process in which the *leader influences* or *inspires others toward goal achievement* –*Reciprocal relationship* (Not all leaders are managers) Leadership can occur between —Leader and individual. —Leader and a group. —Leader and an organization, community or society Formal Leadership an *appointed/assigned position* (position of authority w/in an organization) Informal Leadership Someone appointed by others […]

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Define Leadership

Define Leadership is an influence relationship that intend real changes and outcomes that reflect their shared purpose. What is Vision and its role in leadership? it is a picture of ambitious, desirable future of the organization or team. In order to have followers your vision must be relateable and a vision they share with you. […]

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Contingency theories of leadership

Contingency 1) Leaders are most effective when they make their behavior contingent upon the factors of a situation 2) Leaders must be flexible and avoid clinging to old ideas about what will work in a given situation Contingency Theories (5) 1) Fielder’s Contingency theory 2) House’s Path Goal theory 3) Situational Leadership Model ( 2 […]

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EXAM 1 Strengths-Based Leadership

how many exams are there 5, 4 @ 10%, 1 @ 20% how many daughters 2 from where nigeria recently came from Wash U in St Louis important beliefs about his family understand them, frank, high standards, invest time & resources, sacrifice, never give up, compassion what is a leader -great communicators -visionary thinkers -get […]

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