B. Images of Change Management (Palmer)

What are the two images of managing? management as shaping vs management as control Management as Controlling -(image of management) -most dominant image of management linked to activities like panning, supervising, organizing, directing, reporting, budgeting and coordinating -resources are allocated to departments and staff have refined roles organization seen as a machine Management as Shaping […]

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1.1.2 – Describe the need for change management

Why is change management needed? Change management is needed because people make planning difficult; and they make changing even more challenging. Why does change need to be managed? * Change management is a structured approach for ensuring that changes are thoroughly and smoothly implemented, and that the lasting benefits of change are achieved. * The […]

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Unit 8: Change Management

external forces for change (name the 4) originate outside the organization: 1. demographic characteristics 2. technological advancements 3. shareholder, customer, and market changes 4. social and political pressures internal forces for change (name the 2) come from inside the organization; might be subtle such as low job satisfaction 1. human resource problems or prospects 2. […]

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The Kurt Lewin Change Management Model

Kurt Lewin -emigrated from Germany in 1930’s -founder of social psychology 3 stages of theory 1. Unfreeze 2. Change 3. Freeze (or Refreeze) 1. Unfreeze 1. getting ready to change -getting to point of understanding that change is necessary -getting ready to move away from comfort zone -preparing yourself or others before change -ideally creates […]

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MHR – Change Management

External forces for change Originate outside the organization. Such forces often apply to your organization and its competitors or even entire industries Demographics, technological advancements, shareholder, customer, and market changes, social and political pressures Internal forces to change come from inside the organization HR problems and prospects, managerial behavior and decisions 3 General Types of […]

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EY – Change Management

What could go wrong with change management? ✦Data loss ✦Unauthorized changes ✦Resistance to changes ✦Not testing a change sufficiently or correctly How to reduce risk of things that can go wrong? ❑ Perform an Audit ✦Walkthrough ✦Asses risk ✦Test controls 3 Types of IT Controls ❑ Company-Level Controls ❑ Application Controls ❑ General Controls Company-Level […]

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Business – Unit 4, Area of Study 2 – Change Management

Change Any alteration in the internal or external environments. Organisational Change The adoption of a new idea or behaviour resulting in a difference in the form of operations in a business Managing Change – some changes are forced, some are planned. – ability manage, embrace and adapt change will determine competitive advantage and survival. – […]

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CS 490: Change Management

What are the main reasons that people resist change within an organization? 1. Change is about future but we live in the present 2. Change is perceived as being always destructive 3. More work 4. Uncertainty 5. Ruining existing plans Three Phases of Change 1. Current State – employees live here 2. Transition State 3. […]

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Chapter 7; Change Management

5 stages of Organizational Decline Blinded Inaction Faulty Action Crisis Dissolution managing Change resistance to change is casued by self-interest, misunderstanding and distrust, and a general intolerance for change. 8 Reasons for resistance of change 1. Fear of the unknown 2. Fear for loss of security 3. Fear for loss of power 4. Lack of […]

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