Change Management 1

What is change management not? Organisational change is not: 1) about personal change (leadership, psychology) 2) creating new organizations (entrepreneurship, innovation, enterprises) What is change management / organizational change? Change management is on what is happening inside existing organizations and in their environment. Is has something to do with organization. What are organizations? Organisations are […]

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4: Change Management in HIM

active listening occurs when an individual makes a conscious effort to hear and understand the message being conveyed ADKAR model a change management model that is utilized to assess individual change management issues; five building blocks -awareness, desire, knowledge, ability, and reinforcement in regards to the change initiative- are necessary components for individuals to understand […]

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Ch. 16: Organizational Change & Change Management

old state –> unfreeze–> change–>refreeze–> new state Lewin’s Process of Org Structure: unfreezing stage in Lewin’s procces by which ppl become aware of the need for change refreezing stage in Lewin’s process where making new behaviors relatively permanent & resistant to further change change agent – a person responsible for managing a change effort – […]

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Change management

What is change management? Brown (2011) “Change is the name of the game in manaement today.” Why do people resist change? Armstrong (2012) states that people resist change for a variety of different reasons, and they feel that the proposed change is asking them to do more for less. List 3 change management models ADKAR […]

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Competency 317.2.4 – Conflict and Change Management

Cognitive conflict Issue-based differences in perspectives or judgments Affective conflict Emotional disagreement directed toward other people Devil’s advocate A person who has the job of criticizing ideas to ensure that their downsides are fully explored Dialectic A structured debate comparing two conflicting courses of action Avoidance A reaction to conflict that involves ignoring the problem […]

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NCOA Unit Manager – 7 Change Management

What is Adaptability? Adaptability is the ability to adjust to changed, unexpected, or ambiguous situations by actively seeking information and by demonstrating openness and support of different and innovative change ideas. What are the 3 elements of Adaptability? Cognitive flexibility, Emotional flexibility, and Dispositional flexibility. Describe Cognitive flexibility. The ability to use different thinking strategies […]

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Change Management WGU C721

Five elements that support management’s effective attainment of organizational goals planning, organizing, directing, controlling resources, and staffing Define Management the process of working with and through people to achieve organizational goals 2 essential pieces in organizations that must be integrated effectively to lead to high performance. Management and Leadership What are the traits of an […]

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Chapter 13 Strategic Change Management

What makes change so difficult for organizations? -environmental pressures mount where structures to improve quality, lower costs, and meet the needs of key stakeholders. -w/o proper management of change process, resistance often arises among key stakeholders which hinders change. Why must an organization prepare for each phase of change? -phases of strategic change are interconnected […]

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CIMA E2 – 8. Change Management

What is change management? approach to transitioning ind. teams/org to a desired future state. Change agent individual or group that helps to bring about strategic chanage in an organisation What causes org. change Is driven by: External Events: Competition, change in customer taste, social changes, recession, political and legal pressures, new tech Internal Events: out […]

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