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IMBA International Business Law

Law rules of order that dictate some minimum expectation for how to live in a society for civility and reduced chaos with reasonable protections of rights and minimal interference of others rights Burden of Proof (2) obligation to prove one’s assertion, always rests on plaintiff Types of Law (2) criminal, civil Main civil theories (2) […]

Business Law 1 (first exam review)

1. Jurisdiction The authority of a court to hear and decide a case. To make a legally valid decision in a case, a court must have both “subject matter jurisdiction” (power to hear the type of case in question, which is granted by the state legislatures and Congress). 2. Venue The appropriate location according to […]

Business Law 140 Riolo Mesa College Exam Two

What is a Merchant? 1. Person 2. Engaged in purchase or sale 3. of “goods” 4. Involved in contract 5. Knowledgeable/constructive knowledge Why is it important to be a merchant in a dispute resolution? Because they are knowledgeable and held to a higher standard What is an Assignment? Legal transfer of a benefit What is […]

Instructional Area: Business Law (BL)

Discuss the nature of law and sources of law in the US 1) Law is a body of rules prescribed by a controlling authority (government) with binding legal force 2) The law consists of rules that regulate the conduct of individuals, business, and other organizations within society 3) The law is intended to protect people […]

Business Law

Consideration Parties must have this to be considered a contract Unilateral Contract formed by an offer on one side for an act to be done on the other, and a doing of the act by the other by way of acceptance of the offer; that is, a contract wherein the only acceptance of the offer […]

Business Law (Ch. 5 —> Ch. 12)

Contract Any agreement enforceable by law Equity Theory Exchange of items of equal value What do contracts do? Create both moral and legal obligations. Social Arrangements Are not contracts and not enforceable by law. (Prom date). Will Theory Wether the parties agreed to the terms set forth by the contract without duress. Formalist Theory What […]

Business Law Definitions

Act Legislation adopted by Congress or a state legislature. Administrative Law The legal principles involved in the workings of administrative agencies with the regulatory process Breach of Contract A party’s failure to perform some contracted-for or agreed-upon act, or failure to comply w/ a duty imposed by law. Citation the reference identifying how to find […]

Business Law Chapters 11-19

Promisor Person making the promise Promisee Person to whom the promise is made Objective Theory of Contracts intent to form a contract will be judged by outward, objective facts as interpreted by a reasonable person, rather than by the party’s own secret, subjective intentions Requirements of a valid contract Agreement, Consideration, Contractual Capacity, Legality Offeror […]

Business Law

The characteristics of the law is that the law is: Powerful, Important, & Fascinating The sources of contemporary law is the: US Constitution, State Constitution, Statute, Common Law, Administrative, Treaties and Executive order The reason why one bothers with ethics is because: Society as a whole benefits by encouraging economic competition. People feel better when […]

Business Law: Text and Cases, 13th Edition – Chapter 4

Bill of Rights The first ten amendments to the U.S. Constitution. Checks and balances The system by which each of the three branches of the national government (executive, legislative, and judicial) exercises checks on the powers of the other branches. Commerce clause The provision in Article I, Section 8, of the U.S. Constitution that gives […]

Business Law- Quiz 1

What do legal systems do? evolve to encourage and promote stability and order in a society and to give effect to public policy Who is the law in interest of? Everyone What does the law involve? political, religious, social and/or economic questions Who is the law resolved by? Courts What are laws? body of enforceable […]

ETS Business Law

Sources of Law Statute, constitution, common law case law, administrative laws, executive orders issued by the president, equity-orders for injunctions or for specific performance of duties under a contract, treaties Criminal Behaviors outlawed by society Civil Regulates the rights and duties of the parties Methods for Resolving Disputes Negotiation, Arbitration, Mediation, Litigation Three Levels of […]

Business Law

Primary Sources Documents where the laws themselves are contained, such as a constitution, statute or case law Civil Law Enforcement of disputes among private individuals, and business entities, by preponderance of evidence Criminal Law Wrongs committed against society, Burden of proof beyond a reasonable doubt Plaintiff Party initiating the suit Defendant Person the suit is […]

Business Law – Latin Words

Compos Mentis of sound mind Lucid Interval moment of clarity Consensus ad Idem identity of subject matter (of one mind (meeting of minds)) Quantum Meruit in the eyes of the law not everyone is considered equal (how much does it merit – is it worth?) Ratio Decidendi Reason for decision Stare Decisis vast area of […]

Business Law – Funeral Service

Acceptance an agreement to an offer resulting in a contract Accord and Satisfaction an agreement made and executed in satisfaction of the rights one has from a previous contract Agent the party appointed by the principal to enter into a contract with a third party on behalf of the principal Alien Corporation one that is […]

Business Law Vocabulary List (001)

Acquisition The process of taking possession of something, e.g., acquiring another business by purchasing it Annual report A document outlining the financial status of a business Asset(s) Anything of value that a business or individual owns Better Business Bureau A consumer organization that monitors complaints against businesses Business-format franchise A franchise arrangement in which the […]

Business Law Cecilia Cook Test 4

4 Considerations for a Business Ability to raise capital, how easy it is to form, tax considerations, and liability Sole Proprietorship One owner, owner is the business. Sole Proprietorship Advantages Simplest form of business, very easy to form. 2/3 of all American businesses are this, no strict liability. Complete autonomy (all mine, all profits belong […]

Business Law hard Stuff

Requirements of acceptance of an offer 6 1. Must be communicated to the person making the offer (except for post) 2. In the same terms of the offer 3. Contract not still subject to a condition 4. Acceptance made while the offer is still in existence. 5. Acceptance made in acceptable form. (how the offeror […]

Appendix A- Business Law

Statutory law written law; state and federal constitutions, legislative enactments, treaties of the federal government, and ordinances Common law unwritten law; decisions handed down by courts Precedent guide judges in handling of new cases Administrative agencies federal or state institutions and other government organizations created by Congress or state legislatures with delegated power to create […]

Business law – Contract Law

Contract between two or more parties that is enforceable by the court of law Elements of a contract 1. Agreement = Proper author, Proper accepts 2. Consideration = For something of legal value ( I agreed to pay 10K to paint appartment , you agreed to do it) 3. Capacity 4. Genuine assent (author of […]

Business Law Chapter 1

Administrative agency governmental body formed to carry out particular laws Business ethics ethical principles used in making business decisions Business law group of laws that governs business situations and transactions Case law made when an appellate court endorses a rule to be used in deciding court cases Civil disobedience group of laws used to provide […]

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