Zoonotic Infections

Cholera Microbe – Vibrio choleraeAnimal reservoir – shellfishSpread – T; water/food CJD Microbe – prionAnimal reservoir – cattle/humansSpread – T; food/cannibalism Dengue Microbe – FlaviviridaeAnimal reservoir – monkeys/humansSpread – V; mosquito – Aedes Ebola Microbe – FiloviridaeAnimal reservoir – batsSpread – T; body fluids Hanta Microbe – BunyaviridaeAnimal reservoir – rodentsSpread – T; airborne Plague […]

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Zoonotic Bacteria

Bartonella spp. Cat scratch diseaseTransmission: Cat scratch Borrelia burgdorferi Lyme diseaseIxodes ticks (live on deer and mice) Borrelia recurrentis Recurrent feverLouse Recurrent b/c of variable surface antigens) Brucella spp. Brucellosis/undulant feverUnpasteurized dairy Campylobacter Bloody diarrheaPuppies, livestock (also fecal-oral, ingestion, and sexual transmission) Chlamydophila psittaci PsittacosisParrots, birds Coxiella burnetii Q feverSpores from tick feces and cattle […]

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Rhabdovirus -disease -vector -incubation -clinical manifestation -diagnosis -treatment -notes Disease: rabies Vector: infected animals esp. racoons, skunks, bats, and foxes Incubation: 10 days – many years but typically 3-7 weeks Clinical manifestation: –Prodrome   ~fever, malaise, nausea/vomit, skin sensitive to temp, pain at site of bite even after healing –CNS phase   ~paresthesia, hydrophobia, rage […]

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ZOO4232-EXAM 1

Since Pathogenic Parasites rely on their hosts for survival, the population dynamics of the parasite are influenced by the population dynamics of the hosts. The host population will likely contain which of the following? a. individuals who are susceptibleb. individuals who are infectedc. individuals who have been infected but have never recovered *d. all of […]

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zChapter 12 Clinical Bacteriology

S. aureus skin, subcutaneous infections, bacteremia,endocarditis, toxic shock, food poisoning catalase +, facultative anaerobes S. epidermidis opportunistic, nosocomial infectionsnormal skin flora and an opportunist that causes endocarditis of artificial heart valves catalase +, facultative anaerobes Streptococcus pyogenes ?-hemolytic Streptococcus agalactiae Group BBeta hemolyticNormal flora of GI urogenital tractsInfection acquired in utero at birthNeonatal bacteremia, pneumonia, […]

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z- Ch. 2 Nucleic Acids

Polypeptide Non-repetitive polymer Carbohydrates homopolymers or non-repetitive heteropolymers What is nature of genetic material? Chromosomes made of nucleic acids and proteins.Originally assumed genes would be composed of amino acids because it was thought that they appeared to be the only biomolecules with sufficient complexity to convey genetic information.Idea of DNA as genetic material emerged from […]

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z-MicroBio Final – Old Material

Koch’s Postulates 1. The suspected pathogenic organism should be present in all cases of the disease and absent from healthy animals 2. The suspected organism should be grown in pure culture away from the animal’s body 3. Such a culture when inoculated into susceptible animals, should initiate the characteristic disease symptoms 4. The organism should […]

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z-MicroBio Final – Ch. 7,9,10

Central Dogma of MicroBio [image] GENE the nucleotide sequence coding for a single polypeptide chain, or a ribosomal RNA, or a t-RNA. anti-sense strand of DNA is transcribed into a mRNA Prokaryote vs Eukaryotes (RNA) Prokaryote. A single mRNA often contains more than one coding region (such mRNAs are called polycistronic). In Eukaryotes, the DNA […]

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z-MicroBio Final – Ch. 29, 30

Virulence of Microorganisms -vs- Resistance of Host Virulence:InvasivenessToxigenicityResistance:Acquired or Induced Immunity (Resistance)Humoral Immunity: mediated by antibodiesCellular Immunity: mediated by cells (T cells)Natural Resistance: (Innate immunity)Cells: macrophages, etc.Mechanical barriers: skin & mucous membranesChemical factors: intereferons, fatty acids on skinMicrobial factors Innate Immunity (Natural Resistance) Non-Specific Mechanical Barriers, Chemical factors, Microbial factors, Cellular factors[image] Mechanical Barriers Skin: very […]

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