What is genetics? Genetics is the study of inherited traits and their variation. What is Heredity? Heredity is the transmission of traits and biological information between generations, and genetics is the study of how traits are transmitted. What are genes? Genes are the units of heredity. Genes are biochemical instructions that tell cells, the basic […]

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Biology – Genetics

allele Form of a gene. Each characteristic has two alleles. recessive trait that will only appear in the phenotype if organism inherits two of them; covered up by the dominant gene gamete sex cell; sperm or egg adenine A base thats found in DNA. It will only bond with Thymine. amino acid Building blocks of […]

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Genetics Vocabulary

hybrid An organism that has two different alleles for a trait. dominant An allele whose trait always shows up in the organism when it is present. gene The set of information that controls a trait; code in the DNA. alleles The different forms of a gene. heredity The passing of traits from parents to offspring. […]

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5th grade genetics

Recessive trait weaker trait chromosomes threadlike strands inside of nucleus, made of DNA. DNA chemical that genes and chromosomes are made of genes controls the trait of an organism dominant trait the strong trait that is apparent in an organism punnett square chart showing the possible gene combination in a cross between two organism Gregor […]

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Genetics and Heredity Video: The Blueprint of Life

Gregor Mendel What is the name of the monk who developed the Genetic Theory? Genes Traits are passed from parents to offspring by what hereditary material? DNA What is the basic molecule that makes up genes? 4 How many different types of nucleotides or “building blocks” are found in the strands of DNA that make […]

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Biology Review: Genetics

Genetics The study of genes and their heredity Gene Segments of DNA that are information/ instructions for one trait Heredity The way genes are passed down (generations) Blending Theory of Inheritance The main theory of earlier genetics; states that an offspring is a mix of parents’ traits Gregor Mendel (1800s) Called the Father of Modern […]

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Biology: Genetics Key Terms

allele Any of the alternative forms of a gene that may occur at a given point on a chromosome. asexual reproduction Any type of reproduction that produces offspring without mating or fertilization. chromosome A DNA-containing structure that forms by the joining of two identical chromatids during cell division. clone An organism that is genetically identical […]

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Pierce’s Genetics: Chapter 1

What does heredity do to human life? Heredity affects many of our physical features as well as our susceptibility to many diseases and disorders. Genetics contributes to advances in agriculture, pharmaceuticals, and medicine and is fundamental to modern biology. All organisms use similar genetic systems, and genetic variation is the foundation of the diversity of […]

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Gregor Mendel Father of Genetics Trait The different forms of a physical characteristic (ex: height, eye color, hair color, petal color, stem height) Heredity The passing on of traits from parent(s) to offspring. Genetics The study of Heredity. Fertilization The joining of sperm and egg. Gene The factor that controls a trait. Allele A letter […]

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