Expository Essay Examples

Education System in Malaysia

In Malaysia, there are many education systems that had been used such as Primary School Old Curriculum (KLSR), Primary School Integrated Curriculum (KBSR) and Primary School Standard Curriculum (KSSR). KBSR is one of the education policy that had brings many achievement and successful in education system. In addition, to improve current education system, KBSR makes […]

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South Asia

The geographical distinction of South Asia as one unified region often overshadows the huge diversity that prevails among its inhabitants. Comprising of countries such as Bangladesh, Bhutan, Nepal, Pakistan, India, Maldives Islands and Sri Lanka, South Asia has multiple religio-cultural traditions with vibrant past and rich heritage. Today, South Asia is home to multiple languages, […]

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The Girls In Their Summer Dresses Argumentative

Naturally, stories move through six key stages namely; exposition, conflict, rising action, resolution, climax, and falling action. The characters and settings are described at the expository stage. Disagreements play out at the conflict and intensify in the rising action phases before moving towards resolution. The conflict intensifies at the climax phase. Ultimately, falling action represents […]

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Writing course for advancced English learners

1. General Introduction This course is designed as an advanced writing course for advancced English learners. As is suggested by the title, the course will focus on one mode of English writing: exposition. We will first discuss briefly some essential issues about writing and the relationship between reading and writing as an introduction, laying special […]

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The Express

“The Express” is the story of Ernie Davis who was the first African-American to win the coveted Heisman Trophy, the highest accolade in American Football. Davis was a naturally talented football player, who developed from a quiet young man to become an icon for the civil rights movement that divided America in the early 1960s. […]

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Instructions for Political Speech Assignment

Directions: You will write an essay-length rhetorical analysis of a political speech, employing all that you have learned this quarter. You will present an argument about the effectiveness of the tools used by the author and the validity of the author’s claims. To do this, you will need to identify the rhetorical tools and strategies […]

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Communication Technology: for Better or Worse

Technology is a double-sided coin. The growth of internet has created many beneficial and profitable prospects with the ability to cut the work load, time, and consumption of money. While the internet has become the bases of lifestyle, its increasing influence has created a stir in many research organizations as they theorize its side effects […]

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A Summary of Euphemism

Neil Postman, a famous writer, professor of media ecology at New York University, in “Euphemism” discusses the social and cultural significance of euphemism by tackling its aspects. Firstly, Postman begins his expository with a common, dictionary-entry-type definition of euphemism” – an auspicious or exalted term that is used in place of more down- to earth […]

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Expository Essay on Tattoos

“The word tattoo reportedly is derived from the Tahitian word “tatu.” (Walker 1999 -2010 p. 1). The main idea of this paper is to identify where tattoos have gone wrong through culture over the years of mankind. By justifying the background and history of tattoos with their meaning and their original culture to help identify […]

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Academic language for esl learners

A basic fact that can be revealed about the English language today is that that it is regarded as a universal language for communication throughout the world.

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