Descriptive Essay Examples

Market Research In Practice: Report

The aim of the market research undertaken in this report was to find out attitudes towards Heinz Baked Bean variants and behaviour of respondents with regards to how often they eat beans and microwaveable meals. Beliefs about packaging were a key issue along with convenience. The research was carried out to discover if there was […]

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Customer relationship marketing

Adding value to products and services through customer relationship management can lead to a competitive advantage in the market, provided, an organization has executed this strategy properly. Customer relationship marketing is a phenomenon that is not just a value added strategy it is necessary. With the competition that exists in the market in this twenty […]

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Analysis of adverts – Purpose and Audience

The purpose of all four adverts is to inform the target audience of the product, and to persuade the consumer to buy the product, the language that is used by each company to advertise varies depending on the age group of the consumers that the product is being aimed at. Both the L’Oreal adverts are […]

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Sunny Days Holidays

These are some problems of Sunny Days Holidays, a Manchester-based company offering packaged holidays. Due to these problems the company has been relatively unsuccessful. Turnover went down in recent years, holiday destinations offer little real scope for growth and as a result of this the company finds it difficult to achieve shelf space for its […]

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What is marketing research

Marketing research is the systematic design, collection, analysis and reporting of data relevant to a specific marketing situation facing by a company. Marketing uses research when it needs information about a specific situation, as marketing intelligence will not provide the detailed information needed. A company can conduct its own marketing research or it can use […]

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Over coming oppresiion through any mean

Throughout history, people have been oppressed for various reasons. Likewise in The Epic of Gilgamesh, Mwindo Epic, and The Four Plays, the characters went through oppression and fortunately overcame them in their own ways. The central characters went through oppression and overcame them in their own individual way. Some characters sacrificed their lives, some used […]

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Processing speed in different ages and different complexity of tasks

The information processing speed concerned with lots of external and internal factors. In this discussion, processing speed’s relation with age was examined in the contrast between young group (mean age 23) and old group (mean age 71). The complexity of task, which was one of the external factors that influence the processing speed, was presented […]

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Terms are implied into contracts on many occasions

The terms of a contract describe the duties and obligations that arise under the agreement. Although a term has not been expressed by either party, it is nevertheless contained in the contract. Terms can be expressed or implied. Expressed terms may be expressed orally or in writing. A term may have been omitted by mistake, […]

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Do Adolescent Female, Sexual Assault Victims experience Attention Deficit

The Interpretive Approach, as the chosen theoretical foundation for answering the above research question, shall provide a descriptive truth/reality, through subjective understanding and perception, relative to context on a micro level of adolescent female, sexual assault victims. The micro level is voluntaristic in nature due to reality being the result of individual traumatic experience and […]

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How has psychological research and theory helped explain

Psychological research and theory has attempted to explain the aetiology of sex offending. However, explanations have been problematised by a diversity of complex factors such as heterogeneity of types, styles, process mechanisms and degrees of offence severity of offenders. Such diversities are further complicated by their interrelationship with a variety of developmental, socio-cultural, biological and […]

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Psychological research on identity

The topic of Identity has been a hot topic in psychological researches. By extending the question like “who I am”, psychologists try to produce a psychological theory of identity by asking questions like “How individuals identify themselves”, “How human identity is constructed”, “To what extend it can be developed” or “How important is the development […]

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The Five Factor Theory from a Social Cognitive perspective

Despite many criticisms (Block,1995) the Five Factor Theory (FFT) is still one of the most researched models of personality. The theory is characterized by the following important attributes of the five factors. Firstly, they are dimensions on which people vary continuously. These factors are stable from young adulthood to old age (Pervin & John, 1990). […]

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How Does Theory Help Us To Understand Crime

Theory helps us to understand the world because it provides us with a fundamental pattern, which explains a variety of situations, which can be use for interpreting new situations. In this essay, I will look at positivism and interactionism and the methods and methodologies they deploy to explain crime. Positivism emerged in the early nineteenth […]

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What is known about how people perceive, take and communicate risks

Human judgment dictates that physical consequences of hazards are objective, however perceptions of risks associated with those hazards are highly subjective and as a result risk has been defined in a number of ways. Risk can be viewed as the probability and/or seriousness of undesired consequences or the variance of all consequences about their mean. […]

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‘Gallipoli’ by Les Carlyon

In times like these of unrest and turmoil the world will often turn to its history for answers. The history of warfare is a dated and overflowing one. In his book ‘Gallipoli’, Les Carlyon writes of a place and a battle. His descriptive writings take the reader into trenches and introduce them to the politicians […]

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Arts of the Contact Zone

In her essay “Arts of the Contact Zone,” Mary Louise Pratt discusses the power of language use. Pratt discusses how language use plays an important role in the world. She shows how language is used to describe a community’s identity. She states that language is a key factor in the term transculturation, which she describes […]

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The representation of youth/subculture and/or pop culture

It is unlikely to look under stones for heroes and to revere those we may catch a glimpse of in the back alleys of some anonymous pub on a foggy London street. Some would call the discovery of the anti-heroes that are exalted as kings and queens of British subculture to be unprofessional, not genteel, […]

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Conflicts exist between different ideas and theories of realism

‘Realism’ permeates the very deepest level of philosophical thought. From the wildest cosmogonical fantasies to the ways in which people deal with every conscious moment, ‘realism’ is impossible to ignore. Everything is either a precept to, or a contingency of, our views on realism. The debates surrounding all these ideas lie far beyond the remit […]

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How any two films work with the narrative and stylistic conventions

In order to study genre of any kind, it is important to be able to define exactly what genre is. There are various explanations for the meaning of genre. Brainy Media (2003) defines genre as: “Kind; genus; class; form; style, esp. in literature. ” Interapple Inc (2003) defines genre as: “Kind, sort, form, variety – […]

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Do Genres change over time

Most people who come across the term genre take it to mean ‘type’ films at first sight are easily sorted into types horror movies, musical, western etc. A example of this could be taken from a western, we can list all the features that make up this genre men in Stetsons, women in long skirts, […]

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Modernity’s Madness and Manifestations of Masochism and Malice

Fyodor Dostoevsky’s birth-year representatively embeds him in two events that determine Russia’s course for the next hundred years; Alexander Pushkin, at sixteen years old, became Russia’s first national poet in 1815 and in 1825 the Decembrists’ failed coup d’etat of Nicholas I, the country’s one shot at democracy and exoneration from serfdom, initiated a ‘Frozen […]

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