Use of Standardized Tests for (college) Admissions

Standardized tests for college and other introductory level admissions have been used since quite some time now. Most of the renowned academic institutions have been using this mode of testing as the most important process of their admission processes. There has been a rising controversy regarding the validity of these tests in evaluating the aptitude […]

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When Reason Must Come Over Tradition

In this era where intellectual property—in this case, knowledge—is being easily reaped off, I firmly believe of character building before it is too late. Leonard Pitts, Jr. (2006) in his articles in the San Jose News about plagiarism has let me picture the present scenario of deteriorating diligence, ethics, character, and responsibility, which is c […]

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College admission

My name is Gina Reuter and I currently am a senior at Naperville Central high school. my immediate goal is to gain admission to X University College. I know I will receive the proper education that will allow me to fulfill my potential as an elementary teacher as well as a contributing member of society. […]

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Affirmative Action

Affirmative action is consistent with the values and ideals of the United States: our democracy is based on ideals that people are created equally; that men and women should enjoy liberty and equality of opportunity; that individuals should act responsibly on their own behalf and toward each other; and that we should sacrifice for the […]

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Racial Preferences in College Admission

Part I: Regents of the University of California v. Bakke In this landmark judgment, Supreme Court of the United States made its decision on affirmative action. . It prohibits the existence of quota systems in U. S college admissions but confirms the legality of affirmative action programs thereby giving a benefit to minorities. Aggrieved by […]

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Overachievers by Alexandra Robbins

This non-fiction novel is categorized into seventeen clear straightforward parts: chapters one through seventeen. Chapter 1: In the first chapter Robbins introduces the students she followed along with the overachiever culture that has rearranged high schools only purpose into getting students into the most prestigious Colleges and Universities rather than the school that would be […]

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Home School vs Public School

In today’s world there are more options available for children to attend school besides public school. One of these options is to be homeschooled. There is some controversy concerning the subject of homeschool. When compared to public school there are some similarities alongside the differences. When parents are considering which may be best for their […]

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Facebook and Work

Today is a new generation mostly involving computers; everywhere. The largest usage of computers is for social-networking. Today, 65% of online adults use social-networking sites. (Madden, 2012) The most popular social-networking site today is Facebook. Facebook has lately been having a lot of controversy, especially in the workforce. The workforce is looking at individuals Facebook […]

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Distributive justice

Distributive justice involves allocation of resources in a just way. In the context of distributive justice every individual is entitled to equal access of basic health care, food, income education and employment opportunity. Distributive justice seeks to address the issue of inequitable distribution of wealth or resources. Distributive justice involves fair allocation of resources among […]

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