What types of memory does the hippocampal formation contribute to

Storing memories has the stages encoding, storage and retrieval. A failure at any one of these stages could cause memory failure. Which types of memory the hippocampal formation contributes to can be studied by lesions, neuroimaging and electrophysiological recordings. The hippocampal formation is situated in the temporal lobe of the brain in humans. As it […]

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To what extent does the post-fordist workplace mark a fundamental

There is a great deal of debate concerning the extent to which fordist methods of production and economies have been replaced by a new post-fordist era. Within this debate, a large proportion of influence has been placed upon the degree and nature of change within the workplace environment. In order to understand the extent to […]

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Precursors to infants’ perception of the causality of a simple event

The authors wanted to examine, through causal and noncausal events, if perception of cause and effect develops over time or is part of our innate endownment. They set about doing this from the launchpad of Michotte’s (1963) pioneering work with adults, and subsequent investigations of infant causal perception (Leslie, 1982; Oakes and Cohen, 1990). Different […]

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Genre and Narrative – Fort Apache

Watching the opening section (first 15 mins) of ‘ Fort Apache’ it becomes clear when analysed that it both conforms to and diverges from typical western models of genre and narrative in different ways. Throughout the initial (set-up/credits) shots, the film effectively establishes itself as a western genre film. This is accomplished by showing a […]

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Walker’s epistolary technique for developing

From the first sentence of ‘The Color Purple’ the reader can see that this is a dramatic novel. We can also divulge that it is not a very advanced society by the way of grammar and communication. We learn that this is what Alfonso, the stepfather of the protagonist, Celie, said to her after he […]

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Research methods, taking into consideration the methods

This essay will discuss research methods, taking into consideration the methods which could be best used in sociology . It will take also into consideration, the positive and detrimental aspects of these methods. “Methodology refers to the theory and analysis of how research should proceed”. ( Marsh.Ian.2000.134). From the onset, sociology has been scientific and […]

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An analysis of policy making

Public policies are the choices politicians and others with power make in relation to the governance of society. Many policies are introduced to try to eradicate some of the social problems the government, as representatives of the public, are expected to deal with. Very rarely do these policies succeed. In an ideal world it might […]

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Theory and Methods in IR

During the 1950s and 1960s, social science research was dominated by hypothetico-deductive theory. In particular, the “great men” theories of Weber, Durkheim, Cooley, Mead, and others occupied a new generation of scholars whose work focused on testing them. The shortfall of social science research in this period was its theory-practice connections. These had grown more […]

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Psychological research on identity

The topic of Identity has been a hot topic in psychological researches. By extending the question like “who I am”, psychologists try to produce a psychological theory of identity by asking questions like “How individuals identify themselves”, “How human identity is constructed”, “To what extend it can be developed” or “How important is the development […]

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