Changing Education Paradigms 

It is still arguable whether the existing educational system is focused on the industrial pattern or not. Today’s arrangements in the field are standard and follow the same structure and routine. While students, as well as technology, are rapidly advancing, education is still following traditional ways. Learners nowadays don’t understand the need to attend school. […]

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Learning Matters More Than Education

What do you remember after long years spent in school? Who can explain Newton’s three laws? Or will someone remember when and where the ice carnage took place? Can you still write an oxidation reaction formula or name the distinctive features of a Paramecium caudatum? So is education really important? In this article, a burning […]

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Global learning crisis: Solving the access to the education problem

Every individual needs to have acceptable access to education. It is right to say that education is the ultimate key to career opportunities. An educated individual will face numerous distinct opportunities that can enhance his quality of life. But to make this possible, it is necessary to uproot the hurdles that minimize the accessibility to […]

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EXO’s Kai Confirmed for Role in New KBS Drama 

From the boxing ring to the top of Hollywood or from a singing band to a movie star, that is what goes in the showbiz industry nowadays. But come to think about it. Who would have predicted that Dwayne Johnson would become the highest grossing Hollywood actor today? Well, that is a story for another […]

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Marketing Essay: What Is It, How To Write And Examples

Today, marketing essay writing is very popular amidst various courses and specialties, associated with the advertisement, public relations, communications, and management. To complete a high-quality marketing essay, it is essential to come up with a great topic, to follow the rules of academic writing and, at the same time, keep in mind the audience who […]

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Guide For Writing Management Essay With Examples

The Main Thing You Need To Know About Writing Management Essay It is true that writing management essay can be a challenging task for many students. Nevertheless, there are some rules that can help you to avoid mistakes in paper structure and to complete your work easily. By remembering to develop a good structure of […]

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How To Write Essay About Love: Complete Guide

Love is probably one of the broadest topics every writer can be inspired and questioned about. There are so many articles and studies dedicated to this subject, and there are endless poems or novels about it. Eventually, it may seem challenging to write about love at first. What Is Love Essay? In general, it is […]

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Lab Report: What is it, How to make, Format and Examples

If you need to prepare a report after conducting a particular scientific experiment, you will have to deal with writing. Researching is a vital part of any course which is related to Psychology, Chemistry, Biology, or other subjects. Writing an effective lab report can be a challenging task unless you know some tips and comprehend […]

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High School Essay: What Is It, How To Write Tips And Examples

It is essential to understand that a high school essay is one of the most popular assignments every student can face. A lot of teachers tend to ask their pupils to complete a high school essay on any kind of topic, whether it is geography, literature, art, sociology, psychology, biology, sports, economics, business studies, leadership, […]

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How To Write A Law Essay: Guide For Law Student

Tips For Writing The Law Essay If you need to complete a law essay, you should bear in mind some tips. To begin with, make sure you understand what field of law you need to examine. Secondly, do not forget about proper structure of your paper not to confuse the reader. To avoid such issue, […]

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Hamlet Analysis and Summary: Short Guide

For those who are interested in Literature, writing a Hamlet analysis and summary will be a piece of cake. However, if you are eager to find out more useful details about this masterpiece, you need to read this article. Here you may find unpredictable themes which you have never found while reading this drama. Your […]

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How to Write a Perfect History Essay: Tips and Examples

Writing a history essay is an inherent part of every student who has chosen history as their major. It generally contains several parts that are bound together by a particular topic. It is essential that each paragraph continues the meaning of the previous one. It advances new thoughts and facts on the basis of the […]

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How to Write a Movie Analysis Essay: Tips and Examples

Movie analysis essay should reflect main ideas regarding the message, plot, symbolism and general impression of the movie you have viewed. However, not only the film itself should be critiqued but also the background factors such as director’s approach, the inspiration behind the plot, casting choice, etc. Everything depends on the objective of your paper. […]

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How to Write Lord of the Flies Essay: Ideas and Examples

William Golding, the author of Lord of the Flies, as many other writers use their time, experience and life events as reference points in their novels. The boys, all the events, objects and the island, in general, represent Golding’s attitude to the whole world, humankind and specific features of British culture of that time. The […]

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The Great Gatsby Essay Topics and Examples

Francis Scott Key Fitzgerald is the greatest American writer who took an honorable place in the history of world literature thanks to his wonderful novels about the life of America in the 1920s, among which “The Great Gatsby” is the most popular and famous. The Great Gatsby Essay Topics for Argumentative Essay The classic of […]

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Persuasive Paragraph: Definition, How to Write, 7 Tips

During the student years, absolutely every student often faces such a kind of academic task as writing a persuasive essay. Many students do not like this task. The reason for this may be a lack of time because of the higher priority things inherent in students perhaps because of the misunderstanding how to correctly and […]

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My Family Essay: How to Write, Tips and Examples

There is no doubt that each person faced writing family essay. In the school, college or university this topic is very relevant. Why is this topic so urgent? It is with the family that all the first sensations and representations of a person are connected when he only begins to realize the world around him. The […]

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How to Write a Rhetorical Analysis Essay: 10 Tips and Strategies

The history of scientific and educational rhetoric shows that the main methods for achieving oratorical mastery is to observe the live sound of skillful speeches, to study the experience of the great speakers of the past, to critically analyze written texts of speeches, inherit individual elements and structure and composition of speeches, construct own texts […]

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How to Write an Ideal Economics Essay: 10 Keys to Writing

In connection with the opening of a large number of economic faculties and the emergence of new directions in the country’s economy, the writing of an essay on the economy has become very relevant among many college students. The best economics essay is characteristic of difficulties not only in selecting data but also in deriving the […]

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7 Tips for Writing a Perfectly Reaction Paper

During the learning or even working we have often to analyze some writing materials. But one text is different in its integrity and novelty, the other one is not much like scientific research. The secret of a successful article is not only a deep knowledge of the chosen subject and the presence of own position […]

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Tips and the Best Way to Write a Narrative Paragraph Correctly: Features of Approach

Quite often writers, scientists, even students, are asked to write a narrative essay. Such a detailed study of the aspects of the work is a process of separating textual components according to the selected criteria. You could refer to characters, style, symbols, expressions, etc. It is not superfluous to conduct a study of other author’s […]

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