How Do Dixon’s Dominate The Electrical Trade

In this piece of coursework I am going to study the successfulness of Dixons. I will try to show how they got to be the leading company in the electrical market. I will compare other businesses to Dixons and show whether Dixons are the leading company in electrical goods. I will also present their methods […]

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Right of privacy under Hong Kong’s current laws

There is a trend to recognize privacy as a human right that should be protected by law, yet, we can find no general right to privacy existing in Hong Kong nowadays. “The concept of privacy doesn’t exist in both Hong Kong and UK common law systems, but it doesn’t mean that common law doesn’t protect […]

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International trade with WTO and AFTA

Participation in WTO, APEC and ASEAN, free trade arrangements, multilateral and bilateral negotiations and export promotion and strategies have been used as Malaysia’s international trade policy mechanism to develop and promote trade. WTO is the sole international organization dealing with multilaterally agreed rules on trade among its member countries. Through WTO agreements, which spell out […]

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US Oil Dependency

The first successful oil well was built by James Miller Williams in North America on a deposit located near the present-day towns of Oil Springs and Petrolia. The Tripp brothers first recognized the beds in 1851. He then began the first integrated oil company; exploring, drilling and refining the oil into finished products. “The Canada […]

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Mexicos Financial Crisis

This essay is engineered at discussing and analyzing the Financial Sector Crisis experienced by Mexico in late 1994, labeled the ‘Peso Crisis’. The crisis of international investor confidence in Mexico expanded to several other Latin American countries, notably Argentina. In analyzing this particular event, we will first examine what caused the collapse. We will proceed […]

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Would It Be Economically Beneficial to Britain to Introduce

Although obesity is a worldwide phenomenon in the 21st century, its impact varies between countries. Across the Channel in France less than one person in ten is obese, while in Japan it’s less than one in twenty (see Figure 1 below). In England, at present 1 in 4 of all Britons have been declared medically […]

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Why did industrialisation depend on agriculture in the USSR

1. “Why did industrialisation depend on agriculture in the USSR?” Industrialisation in the USSR relied on agriculture through the trade economy factor. To industrialise a country as huge as Russia vast financial resources needed to be utilised however Russia did not have the ready cash to cope with the demands. The middle classes had collapsed […]

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A Report on US Japanese Economic Crisis

It is our greatest pleasure to submit this report on US Japanese economic Crisis – 2000, which your assigned to us as our term paper for Economics II, the report mainly emphasizes on the current economic slow down in the United States as well as in Japan, it explains in details the impact this economic […]

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Cotton Textiles In Preston

Preston was ruled by the textile industry. I can tell this by the picture of Preston skyline. Factory chimdys and the odd church dominated the skyline. Overall I could see that there were roughly 22 – 24 factory chimdys. The picture was taken by penwortham hill in 1990. If I were to go there now […]

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