Analytical Essay Examples

Analytical Exposition – Strictly Ballroom

In the film Strictly Ballroom, Baz Luhrmann has re-worked a play from his drama college days into a romantic musical comedy with a satirical twist and a fairytale ending. The tale, a classic love story, parodies the Australian ballroom dancing scene to develop the message “A life lived in fear is a life half lived”. […]

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Inheritances: an Analytical and Evolutionary

Death is a fact of life. Most people, sometime during their lifetime, encounter the passing of a loved one and are faced with the demanding post-death process of a funeral, burial and mourning their loss. Frequently, this process is further complicated if the deceased individual bestows their estate to their children. If the deceased individual […]

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Analytical Essay – Edward Britton

“Edward Britton”, written by Gary Crew and Philip Nelson, invites the reader to believe that the protagonist, Edward Britton, is the true hero. Hero is a person who can be looked up for their actions. They exhibit qualities of fearlessness, humility, inner strength, determination, selflessness, fortitude, conviction and helpfulness. Edward, who had great personality traits […]

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Cognitive and Psychoanalytical Psychology

There are a number of approaches in psychology and this essay will compare and contrast two of the major perspectives. These will be the cognitive and psychoanalytic perspectives; it will also give an example of how psychology can be applied in a health care setting. The cognitive perspective is easy to understand if one was […]

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Analytical Comparison: Wild Swans, a Magazine Article and a Poem

Although the three texts are linked through their common theme of suffering for style and beauty, their intentions are very different; consequently their use of language to create effects in all areas is unique despite their similar origins. Source A, a magazine article has a much wider range than any of the other texts, flitting […]

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Wide Sargasso Sea English Mla Analytical Paper

As the arranged marriage between Antoinette and Rochester causes their relationship and sanity to slowly unravel over the course of Wide Sargasso Sea, they also suffer as a couple and as individuals. This novel follows the life of the protagonist, Antoinette, in Granbois, Jamaica where she deals with self-identity issues and undergoes an arranged marriage […]

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Grapes of Wrath Analytical

When the devastation of Dustbowl hit the families in Okalahoma, chaos erupted. In the book The Grapes of Wrath, John Steinbeck prevails a story of tragedy and struggle, but also the conquering of triumph. Each character in this novel individually matures, however Ma Joad’s development is the most significant. She is the threshold of the […]

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Analytical Writing on Corruption

Corruption as we know it is the misuse of national resources for one’s own personal benefit as hoarding money, property or assets which belong to someone else. Corruption is deviation from an ideal behavior. Why we deem politicians and government employees as corrupt? Because they have two things in common “power of authority” and “knowledge […]

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Analytical Study of I Corinthians 11

This research paper will discuss I Corinthians 11:2-16. This passage speaks to the issue of proper head coverings for men and women in the early church. My research will look at why Paul felt it was important to write to the church at Corinth regarding this subject. I also will look at the circumstances in […]

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Seen From Above Poem Analytical Essay

Does a beetle’s death require as much thoughtful consideration as a human’s? Is a beetle only less significant as a human due to the contrasting proportions? Does size matter at all? A dead beetle lies on a path through a field and is meditated on for only a glance. The passing person then continues the […]

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