Teaching Shakespeare in the Context of Renaissance Women’s Culture

The first article that I discovered by using the MLA Database was “Teaching Shakespeare in the Context of Renaissance Women’s Culture”, by Jane Donawerth. 1 Jane Donawerth is an Associate Professor of English at the University of Maryland at College Park, where she teaches Renaissance literature, history of rhetorical theory, and science fiction and utopias […]

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Did Horsforth change from an agricultural village into an industrial town

We first of all take our relevant evidence such as the 1851 census to create of Horsforth in this year. The census is a primary source which displays all the people their occupations and where they lived in a certain year , this is very useful to us as it is primary , we can […]

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Was ‘Thatcherism’ anything more than traditional Conservatism

When Margaret Thatcher was elected in 1979 it was heralded as a decisive shift, the end of the ‘acien regime’ marked by Keynesian economic policies and a move towards a new era of enterprise and individualism. Britain was coming out of the period of political consensus and had a leader that and views and ideas […]

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Briefly the unrest in Britain 1815-21

This period has been said to be the closest Britain has come to a revolution with he 17th century civil war. Lord Liverpool, the Tory government faced massive problems, most of these problems being inherited from his predecessors. Matters were made werse by the intensifying radical movement which was trying to win over the working […]

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The occupants of Bignor and Lullingstone Villa

To a Roman the word villa usually meant a grand house in the country and sometimes it also consisted of a farming estate. A villa tends to imply country estates of the Romanised and British elite. The classical Italian Roman villa was a working rural business with farmland. By studying the findings and excavations it […]

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What exactly is Moses Finley’s view of the manpower question

Since Gibbon’s almost introductory research into the decline and fall of the Roman Empire there have been many historians intent on providing the answer to the collapse of one of the most powerful and influential Empires in history. Moses Finley gained the reputation as one of the most influential historians of this era with his […]

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Drought in Australia Research Project

Part A: Introduction Many areas of the world today suffer from drought, whether it is due to the area’s natural and geographical location or other factors such as global warming and climate change. Drought, according to the Merriam-Webster dictionary, is defined as: a period of dryness especially when prolonged; specifically, one the cause the extensive […]

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Water management strategies

Over the past 60 years agriculture, industry and domestic use caused an increase of water use from 1000 cubic kilometers to 5000 cubic kilometers per annum. If current trends continue to increase, water shortage will affect 3. 5 billion people, 48% of the world’s estimated population, by 2025. In order to prevent water stress to […]

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Religion and Art

1)a) The Baptism of Christ by Pierro Della Francesca was finished around 1448-1450. It was designed to be the centerpiece of an alter in a church. There are many religious symbolisms in the picture which shows the story of Jesus baptism which is told in the gospels Mark1:9-12 where Jesus is baptised in the River […]

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