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Baylor University is a college that carries high moral beliefs and shuns the idea of its students committing acts like casual sex.  Students at Baylor find many ways to disregard the morals and beliefs that were given to them as they were growing up.  They rely on their animal instincts and sneak around authority to take part in sinful acts. They relax on the weekends with the occasional drinking and inhibiting of their thought functions.  Baylor University has created many rules that try to keep students from actions of casual sex, but with students that are trying to show that they can not be controlled go around and break the rules brought forth in hand books, just to show that they can.  The reason that many students find casual sex appealing is the fact that it is wrong. We as human beings find the danger of doing some thing wrong intriguing.  We are animals and are always testing our limits.  Sex is an explored subject that is hushed as we are children growing up.  We are taught that is not to be talked about and that we should always have boundaries before we practice this interesting, yet provocative action.

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style="text-align: justify">As college students we are free from all authority and we tend to explore these new actions.  Our animal instincts kick in and we are soon experiencing new emotions and feelings that we end up succumbing to under different circumstances.  We explore all the different things that we are shunned away from as children and are able to do so without any authority telling us other wise.  Our boundaries are set free and then we are dealt with the choice of emotional sex or casual sex.  Most people do not see the emotional side of sex until they become older.  As college students we tend to find casual sex an easier choice around campus.

Baylor University is an institute that shuns this action of casual sex and sees fit to show the emotional side sex before the action is taken place.  This only allows students to engage in casual sex, because we as animals look at this as being wrong and engage in it only to show that we are able to go against what we have been taught throughout the years.  Therefore, we only show that as college students we are the average animals.

Although we are animals, we tend to add to our sexual demise by putting our selves in circumstances that affect our thinking and actions.  Casual sex is not just an animal instinct but is a problem that is created by people adding chemicals to their bodies that affect their thought in ways that make them do things that they do not even realize.  Baylor students engage themselves in drinking and some other ways of influencing their bodies.  We find ourselves in positions that complicate things because we engage in casual sex.  Most influences of the body cause people to become aroused, and therefore we are emotionless and engaging in actions that are only animalistic.

Baylor shuns such acts, but it is almost impossible to stop the students from doing such acts.  We are college students and have figured out many different ways to get around these rules that Baylor has created.  We are intelligent individuals and find that these rules are absurd.  We are finally out of our parental grasps only to be swept into another authoritative arm.  We find ways to show that we can be bad and do wrong things by drinking, and becoming under the influence.

Then as we are coming home with the new girl or boy of the weekend, we engage in casual sex.  The next morning there is always the awkward silence and the other person leaves the dorm, usually after the visitation time has began.  This is a good way that students have figured out how to get around the rules that the campus has created for the students.  They have given us access to side doors, and the dorm resident advisors are usually nobodies that go to bed around ten oclock. This allows students to get around the rules even better than one might think.  This leads to the fact that the University does not take much consideration to stop the one action that they shun.

Even if the University was to try and make a difference in making things harder to get around, the student body would find out a new way to get around new rules.  The reason that it would not make a difference is because most students will try anything to get around what they cannot do.  Casual sex is something that is well explored and will be practiced no matter what is done to stop to it; many students will do all they can to ensure that they are given their right to continue in doing as they please.  When one is told what they can and cannot do they are usually prone to do what they cannot do before they do what they are supposed to do.

This is because we are always out to show that we cannot be controlled. Students do not like the idea that we are being governed over and ruled by a higher power. We tend go against the authority that we have grown up to fear, and tend to try the new things that seem wrong in our own eyes.  Most Baylor University students are church going people that attend church on a regular basis.  They are brought up this way by their parents and are shown a relationship with our higher power.  Some students find it intriguing to go against what we have been taught. Most Christian followers understand the teachings of premarital sex and yet many students still take part.

The idea of being able to do as we please and being able to know that we can make our own decisions is what many students will side with.  Baylor University makes many strict rules that many people would be afraid of, but as new college students we are overcome by the experience that we try our best to put aside the right and wrong and lean towards the evil side.

Students put aside their morals for a wild night, and they let loose for a few hours of uninhibited fun.  They find that drinking and partying good ways to relieve the stress of school, homework, and the everyday life that a college student faces.  They do not rely on the teachings that were given to them as children, but yet allow them selves to stray from whatever morals they still have and engage in casual sex.  This is a good way to once again relieve the everyday stress that affects the average college student.  Baylor University may have set rules that allow students to keep from doing these acts of sexual demise, but casual sex cannot be stopped due to the fact that many students do not rely on these rules to get by in their college years. One of these rules is that boys cannot be in girls dorms on the weekdays, and only during certain hours on the weekends.

Many students have found many ways to get around this rule. They rely on the side doors, and sneak up staircases.  Another rule is that if two people are caught having sex in a dorm room they are supposed to be kicked out of the school. Many students do not think twice about this, and break the first rule as well as the second.  One of the last rules that Baylor has set up to keep students from engaging in casual sex is that girls can not be pregnant and attend Baylor unless they are married. This rule was made to scare students from having sex in the fact that they have the chance of getting kicked out as well as the University looking out for the well being of the student body. Students still disregard these rules and go about their own sneaking around and finding ways to still commit these fun and intriguing sexual acts. They do almost as they please to ease the pain of the monotonous days of their college years.

Baylor University, a well-known Christian college, shuns the practice of casual sex. The truth behind it all is that it is widely practiced campus wide.  Students are brought into a new environment and are overwhelmed by the new responsibilities and social aspects of this experience.  They are faced with new struggles that pull at their faith, beliefs, and morals.  Many students rely on these beliefs as building blocks to who they are and for what they are to become, but many students have set aside these morals and beliefs for this new experience, casual sex.

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