Case Study Strategic Mgmt Study guide for Final CSCC

If Southwest Airlines received a 1.6 on their composite External Factor Evaluation score, this would mean the company:
Has a poor response to external forces.
In the BCG Matrix, a division with a high relative market share position in a low to moderate market growth industry can be described as a:
Cash Cow
For the BCG Matrix in most circumstances, which strategy would be most appropriate for a division classified as a Dog?
During the SWOT Matching Process, the best strategic action when pairing a Weakness with an Opportunity, would be to:
Improve the weakness by using the opportunity
In the BCG Matrix, a division that has a low relative market share position and competes in a very high growth industry is referred to as a:
Question Mark
What is the highest number of strategic actions that could be evaluated at the same time using the Quantitative Strategic Planning Matrix (QSPM)?
No limit – any number of strategic options can be evaluated
For the Ford Motor Company, which of the following is a true opportunity based on the definition of opportunities in strategic management?
High growth in automobile sales in China
Which of these is a limitation of Qualitative Strategic Planning Matrix (QSPM)?
It requires intuitive judgments and educated assumptions.
Which of the following is a management issue central to implementing corporate strategy?
All of the above
Which is NOT a required step in developing and evaluating a product positioning map?
Determine the sales values of each position on the map.
When Apple created the I-pod, and then the I-phone, and then the I-pad and so on; they were using which broad corporate strategy?
Product Development
A good choice for developing a product positioning map for Lego Products would be:
Product Price and Product Quality
Which of the following is true about two different market segments?
They usually require different marketing strategies
When AFLAC began using “the AFLAC duck” to advertise their company and products to broad audiences, they were able to increase their overall market share of insurance customers. This is called:
Product – Market Exploitation/Penetration
The Internal-External (IE) Matrix plots:
IFE and EFE Weighted Composite Scores
If a US company decides to invest in a foreign country and open international production facilities in order to be closer to a necessary raw material; which benefit are they exploiting for this strategy?
Value Chain Activities
When Hostess Brands closed their doors forever and sold off all of their assets including the Twinkie brand to a Mexican firm, this is called:
Previously Kohl’s Department Store operated company owned trucks and employed drivers that delivered merchandise their stores. However, after conducting a cost-benefit analysis, Kohl’s negotiated for an outside trucking company to operate this aspect of its business. This is called:
In 2001, Hewlett Packard (HP) merged with another computer company called Compaq Computers. Today you can no longer buy Compaq computers. This is called:
Horizontal Integration
“Movie Link” a separate company was created by several large movie studios in Hollywood to provide first run movies on the Internet. This is called a(n):
Joint Venture
Lenovo, a Chinese Company, became the 3rd largest PC supplier in the world after buying IBM’s personal computer division. From Lenovo’s perspective this is called a(n):
The international strategy with the least amount of risk is:
3M has been known for developing new businesses internally and then providing them with the support and funding to leave the 3M corporate umbrella and become a separate entity. This corporate strategy is called:
Divestiture/Spin Off Strategy
If Gillette develops a simple razor that fits consumer needs in India then adds features and offers it in the US, this is called:
Reverse Innovation
A risk for pursuing an international strategy would be:
All of the above are risks
When considering to enter a new country and developing an international strategy, the most critical trade off facing a company is between:
Standardizing their product globally versus adapting to home country markets
Brunswick, a bowling equipment manufacturer, has relocated most of its production facilities to China and Mexico to take advantage of cheaper labor and materials. This corporate strategy is called:
Off Shoring

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