Case Study 1: Picture Perfect

glycosidic bond/linkage
bond that links a carbohydrate unit to another molecule
Benedict’s solution
-indicates presence of aldehyde sugars (called *reducing sugars*)
-red brown when positive, blue when negative
Iodine test
-indicates presence of amylose in starch (starch indicator)
-blue black when positive, yellow orange when negative
breaking up polymers with water
dehydration synthesis
-also called condensation reaction
-joins together two monomers at the loss of a water molecule
-just alpha 1-4 linkages
-simplest form of starch, UNBRANCHED
-alpha 1-4 linkages with 1-6 linkages at branch points
-BRANCHED form of starch, complex
-alpha glucose monomers
-used for plant storage
-beta glucose monomers, STRONG
(what isn’t alpha makes you stronger lol)
-found in cell walls