Case management 1

What are Phases of the Process?
Assessment: Focus?
-Initial contact,Request/need for services,Gathering and assessing information,Problem ID,Eligibility determination
Initial Contact: Activities?
-applicant,the relationship,routine matters(very important)
*Gathering/Assessing Information: Activities?
-Focus,Plan development ,Arranging for services,Activities
*Planning Activities?
-Establishing goals and objectives,Gathering additional information,Identifying services,Arranging service delivery,
-Focus, service provision/coordination,Evaluation, Activities (rational about which agency to send them,which service to send client to)
*Implementation Activities?
-Providing services,Overseeing/monitoring services,Working with other professionals,Evaluation
*Components of Case Management?
-Case review,Case documentation,Client participation
What is a Case review?
-monitoring whats going,services of client
What is a Case documentation?
-everything from first intake, to assessment
What is Client participation?
-client always active in participation
*Principles and Goals of Case Management?
Integration of services,Continuity of care,Equal access to services,Quality care,Advocacy,Whole person,Client empowerment,Evaluation
Case management defined?
-Current service delivery is vastly different from that of just a few years ago
Time between policy development and implementation is ?
-much shorter
Agencies are limiting?
– the services they provide
Case managers need more?
– skills to meet client needs
Case management is under?
– close scrutiny
Case managers coordinate and deliver services?
-moving an individual through the service delivery process from intake to closure
Case management was a process?
-linking clients to services
A shift in focus to?
-“care” management occurred
Case management today?
-assume dual roles of linking and providing services
Objections to the term case management?
-thinking of clients as “cases”, resentment clients may feel at being managed, helpers believe that they do more than “case management”
Case management is a creative and ?
-collaborative process
Case managers are the helping professionals who?
– perform the responsibilities of case management
Diversity of case managers
– reflected in job titles
Case managers are assuming?
– new responsibilities such as cost containment and budget management
Clients, individuals, and participants receive ?
-case management services
There is a diversity of job titles the range of?
– individuals and groups served, and the variety of job responsibilities
The three phases of the case management process?
-Case manager needs an extensive repertoire of knowledge, skills, techniques, and strategies,Responsibilities for each phase vary,Ultimately, the goal of case management is to empower clients to manage their own lives as well as they are able
Assessment is the diagnostic study of the client and the client’s environment?
-involves initial contact with applicant,the initial contact is the starting point,includes gathering and assessing information
Planning is a process of determining future service delivery in an organized way?
-individual has met eligibility criteria and is now a client, counselor and client develop service plan and arrange for service delivery,the plan identifies what services are needed, who will provide them, and when they will be provided,plan lists each objective, services needed to reach that objective, and methods of checking progress
Implementation is when the service plan is carried out and evaluated ?
-written rationale is often required to justify funds,nature of agency often determines who will provide services, case manager should monitor services as they are delivered, implementation also involves working closely with other professionals
Three components of case management?
Case review is the periodic examination of a client’s case,Documentation is the written record of the work with the client,Client participation means client takes an active part in the care process
Documentation is the written record of the work with the client?
-Initial intake,Assessment of information, Planning, Implementation, Evaluation,Termination,Record any information relating to a client’s case
Client participation means client takes an active part in the care process?
-Partnership is formed,Clear communication is important,Client assumes responsibility within the case management process, Termination is an assessment of the client’s progress toward self-sufficiency
Principles and goals of case management;Integration of services?
-Recognize the whole person ,Clients with multiple problems are best served when needed services are integrated
Principles and goals of case management;Continuity of care ?
-Continuity means that services are provided to the client uninterrupted from the first phone call to termination and often beyond,Continuity of care refers to the comprehensiveness of the care
Principles and goals of case management;Equal access to services?
Everyone in need of assistance has the same opportunity to approach, apply for, and use case management services, Attention given to developing ways to extend access to services, Advocacy is the process of representing the interest of the client and teaching the client to advocate for him or herself
Quality care implies a ?
-commitment that respects the rights of the client and demands accountability on the part of human service professionals
Client empowerment means?
– respecting clients as individuals, building on their strengths and interests, placing them in a partnership role, and moving them toward self-sufficiency
Evaluation is the
-assessment of the process, the outcomes, and the quality of the process
Perspective since the 1970’s?
-Case management as a process,Client involvement,The role of the case manager,Utilization review and cost benefit Analysis
The History of Case Management?
-Institutions,Multi service center (Hull House) or coordinated effort,Federal legislation,1980s: Managed Care
-Massachusetts School of Idiotic and Feeble-Minded Youth (1848),Observation/diagnosis/tracking progress/treatment, Outpatient clinics,Aftercare
Multi Service center?
-Record keeping,Advocacy,Mary Richmond—Social Diagnosis; Systematic gathering of info,Assessing needs,Determining treatment,Multiple sources of information,Complexity of data gathering,Coordinated care /coordination among agencies
Modern-day case management does resemble the practice of the past, but many changes have occurred?
-Changing needs of individuals served, Financial constraints on the human service delivery system, Increasing number of people needing services, Growing emphasis on client empowerment, evaluation of quality, and service coordination
Perspectives on case management?
-Case management developed as a process in the 1970s in response to de-institutionalization, Client involvement during the 1980s,the role of the case manager,Utilization review and cost-benefit analysis
Limited assessment followed by placement?
– identify patients who could function in a community setting, find an environment that could foster growth and development; Key elements for success; responsibility, continuity, accountability
Client involvement during the 1980s?
-Model of case management proposed based on the concept of enabling clients to solve problems, meet their needs, and gain competencies,Case managers provided a process of logical steps to establish goals and set priorities
The role of the case manager?
– Traditionally described as caseworker and case manager, Today, job titles include service coordinator, liaison worker, and care coordinator
Utilization review and cost-benefit analysis?
-One result of the spiraling cost of services and the push for health care reform is the growth of the managed care industry, The purpose of managed care is to authorize type and times of service and to monitor the quality of care,Case managers within managed care are responsible for cost-benefit analysis
Mary Richmond was a social reformer at the turn of the century?
– was a case worker,promoted the idea that each person was a unique individual whose personality, family, and environment should be respected, believed that professionals should work with clients rather than doing things to them

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