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I won’t list Apple’s successes in any chronological order, I’ll Just list them by what feel had the greatest impact on our culture and what were some of the greatest Inventions and innovations by the company. 1 Invention of the Pod ‘click-wheel’. The click wheel was the beginning of the tapping and swiping touchstones that many other companies followed and still follow to this day. Initially for me it was an adjustment, but once I got used to it the pod click-wheel enabled me to almost seamlessly filter through hundreds of songs with very few clicks.

I think the Pod click-wheel’ paved the way for many users such as myself to become accustomed and eventually demand convenience at my fingertips. 2. Image Management/Branding. During the reign of Steve Jobs, I believe Apple Computer was one of the best at Imaging themselves. It started with the “I’m a Mac” ad campaign In the mid sass’s where two guys compared the PC to the MAC. While windows was focused on megabytes and megahertz, Apple chose to sell their computers based on how you used it and how ‘sexy it is rather than sell features… And it paid off big time for Apple! 3. The Tunes Store.

While the Pod was very Innovative and some of Its components were Inventions in and of themselves, It was, at the end of the day another IMP player until the tunes Store came along in 2003. The tunes Store completely changed the way we did music, and movies. The tunes store simplemindedly I OFF the use of digital downloads over CD and DVD sales. Consumers now had the option of downloading their favorite single or the entire album. No longer were full projects forced to consumers, you got to enjoy the songs you wanted at your leisure. Apple’s Failures 1 . Apple’s ‘proprietary mentality.

In the world of Apple there is only one way to do things: Their way. If you want to develop APS for phone or pad, you must go through Apple’s arbitrary and sometimes contradictory standards. If you want to use Flash in your application or open a flash based website, you can forget it. Apple fans may brag on its tight ecosystem but the obsession with control has driven millions to the world of Android. As of this date, Android is now the #1 SO for tablets and mobile devices in the world with over 75% market share and 51% of the U. S. Smartened racket share compared to Apple’s 43% (Sister, 2013). . Going “professional”. As previously mentioned, Apple was doing an excellent Job and winning over consumers with it “I’m a Mac” ad campaign and like many successful technologically innovated companies, Apple too felt it should enter the world of ‘business’ leaving its family of loyal ‘geeks’ who helped build the company behind for ‘greener’ pastures. Usually, this works but didn’t work too well for Apple. Apple failed miserable with its business-oriented products such as the Macintosh Portable, the Pippin, the Newton Messaged and the DOD Mac clones.

The company eventually survived, a lesson learned: “Stick to what you’re good at… ” 3. Apple TV. Apple TV was supposed to be the new Tivoli, but it doesn’t even come close and it’s not as well liked as Windows-based Media Center PC’s. Apple TV is very limited, sure you can play videos from Flicker, Youth and of course the tunes Store. But that’s nothing you can’t do with your laptop by plugging it into your television with a HID or USB cable. Apple TV isn’t linked with the hugely successful libraries of Entitle or Blockbuster so basically you’re tick with the offerings from the tunes Store.

Also, many television and movie studios are avoiding supporting Apple TV for fear of losing control as the music industry has to the tunes Store; no real innovation or success with Apple TV (Grumman, 2009). Part II: Apple’s success and its culture Apple Computer: The culture Known as a fun yet, casual dressing, yet demanding place to work. Apple employees adapt the “work hard, play hard” attitude. Apple employees consider themselves to be the best, this you can tell when you visit your local Apple store.

Some posts from he everyday people who work at Apple, especially during the reign of Steve Jobs would say things only get done if Steve wants it done. If you have an idea or project and Steve wasn’t involved or interested in, it would take months to even move forward. Many times employees would say “… It’s for Steve… ” In order to get things done in a more expeditious manner. Many employees have said the greatest feeling process, its then you have a great send of camaraderie and value watching one of Apple’s big presentations unfold. Apple Computer: Successes linked to its culture

Based on what Vive researched, it doesn’t seem like Apple’s success was completely a result of its culture. It seemed to result from what Steve Jobs wanted to make happen and it had better happen. This would probably explain why since Jobs has passed, Apple although doing well, has not been the innovative leader it once was and it seems to have lost its ‘mop. Apparently, the ‘major’ was not the culture, but Steve Jobs. Part Ill: Apple Computer and class Taco’s TCO A: Given a company situation be able to describe the industry dynamics of technological innovation.

As it pertains to Apple Computer, to be honest their technological innovation in its early years and especially during the reign of Steve Jobs made them one of the most innovative companies in the world. However, at this point it seems the innovations at Apple (to this point) died with Steve Jobs. I am sure Apple’s CEO Tim Cook has some things brewing up his sleeve, but for the moment Apple is vastly losing the innovation war to Google. I think Apple should take notes from Google and develop a culture or business model that is not so proprietary and one that allow input from the inside.

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