Caring For Children and Young People

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There are many reasons why children and young people need to be looked after other than their own family. Those reasons may include family bereavement, parental illness or incapacity, suspected or actual ill- treatment, domestic violence, child’s behaviour, child’s learning difficulties, child, disabilities, offending behaviour or even the child own health problem.

Family related issues:

Parents will be unable to care for their children or unable to protect them so children and young people need to be looked after by local authority.


After death of parents children and young people need to be looked after by someone because they can’t live on their own. They need someone to guide them. Sometime children and young people are cared for by their extended family. This could be long term.

Domestic Violence:

The child is at risk and their parents need support. The child and young people may be abused and they might be in danger. Child and young people need to be removed from domestic violence environment because of their safety and well-being. Violence can have a negative effect on their physical and emotional needs. This can be for short term.

Parental illness or incapacity:

When parent is ill physically or mentally and they are admitted to hospital and they can’t look after their child properly or well enough. They might be unwell or not able to cope with their children care, so children and young people need to be looked after by someone else for short term. They might need foster care.

Suspected or actual maltreatment:

Children and young people need to be taken away temporarily because they are vulnerable and also in danger. Child might be abused physically or mentally. To stop this getting worse the child or young person needs to be separated from their parents.

Child and young people Personal relation issues:

Child health problem:

It can be long-term or short-term depending on health situation, but if they are suffering from long term problem which might make it difficult for them to live in their own home. They need to be removed for their health and well-being. Parents might not be able to look after them properly because they might be at work. Also children and young people need to be removed because they might pass their disease on to someone else.

Child Behaviour problem:

The causes can be stress, depression and anxiety. Child or young people repeatedly misbehave it can lead to family breakdown. They might be in isolation for short term. If it is beyond parental control or young sibling might be at risk. Then child or young people need to be looked after by local authority.

Child Learning Difficulties:

Children or young people might not be able to concentrate at home. Some family are unable to cope with challenges, and they might reject their child. It can be more suitable if the child or young people are looked after outside their home. This could be long-term or short-term.

Child Disability:

Siblings will be at risk because some people don’t know what they are doing, so they need to be looking after by someone else. In some cases disabled child or young people can be at higher risk of maltreatment.

Offending Behaviour:

Parents did not look after them properly and child or a young person hasbeen remanded. Then they are more likely to end up offending or breaking the law.





Residential care

13- 18 years people are looked after by the residential homes. It helps children and young people for their better future.

They will have lots people around them, they will feel safe and secure their. They might develop

Children might have bad behaviour which could affect other children’s.

Foster care

Foster care is a way of providing a family life for children who cannot live with their own parents. It is temporary care. Foster Parents get money

Feel safe and secure because they are taken out from danger. Parents also bring love into children lives.

They might have developed good relationship with their foster parents, but at the end they have to go away from their foster parents.


It’s of short-term or temporary care. Respite care provides short term breaks that relieve stress, restore energy, and promote balance in your life

Children will make new friends. And might enjoy with being in someone else company. It can provide break for family and other siblings also.

Children might not have relatives near, and they might don’t like to be in someone else company. They might feel uncomfortable, sad and worried.


Child gets legally parents, and it will end the relationship with their birth parents. The birth parents cannot take the child back.

Child will get new parents and they will get love, family will care. Don’t have to put your life on risk because someone else has done hard work to give birth

Parent will get responsibilities and have to manage time to look after child.

The policies and procedures that help children and young people and their families whilst the child is being looked after, these are:

* Untied nations Conventions an the rights of the child (UNCRC) 1989

* Every Child Matters ECM 2003

* The children Act 1989, 2004

* The Human Rights Act 1998

* The data Protection Act 1998

* Frame work for the Assessment of Children in need and Parents 2000

* The Three Policies and Procedures which i am going to talk about they are:

* The Children Act 1989, 2004

* Every child matters 2003

* CommonAssessment Frame work

The Children Act1989

The aim of this act is to protectchildren from abuse, neglect and keep them out of danger. Paramountcy Principle says children should be cared for in their own home. However if there is a possibility that child is being harmed at home by their main carer, may be then children need to be removed from their home for their own safety. They will be looked after by someone else. If you took a child away from its own home, and put them in the safe environment, it may be more cost effective, but it could deprive a child from the essential bond with their family. If they move away from home they might miss a lot of work from school. Care giver need to make sure that children arelearningat home and not missing their work.

Children might need to betaken away from their home because sometime parents are not capable of understanding what’s needed, they might have mental health issues such as drugs and alcohol abuse in the family. If children are taken away from their home for their own safety for example if a child belongs to Asian family, the child needs to be placed in temporary care where he will be looked after by Asian foster parents or Asian support worker. Sometimes the support worker may need to make compromises for children care, how they are looked after.

Social worker helps people with their lives in a variety of environments. Social workers are trained and qualified andcan work with families where there is domestic abuse, in situations of child abuse, with children and young people with disabilities.

The Children Act plays a bigger part now enabling children in most instants to stay with their families rather than being take away and being put in a home.Children will get more support by the agency that way. On the other hand a child could be exposed to further abuse if regular contact isn’t kept with social worker.

Social worker will go in and assess their needs;look at what is happening where parents weren’t coping so well and what strategiesthey could use for helping them. If a teacher saw something on a child’s face such as bruises they should report this to their line manager or welfare officer in school.

Every Child Matters is about taking care of every individual child. In terms of being healthy it’s mainlyabout taking care of children making sure they are eating well and adopting a healthy diet. In order to stay safe children need be aware of what’saround them, for the safety of children many public areasare now covered by CCTV. Enjoying and achieving through learning is also important because it can show you what you are.

At the end of the day children always feel that have done something positive and they will feel proud about themselves. Being part of a community or talking to other people with increase their self esteem and then they can make positive contribution to the community, such as volunteer work, working for charities or working with a peer. Achieving economic well-being will help them to stand on their feet. If they get a good job it will solve their finical problems such as paying their electricity bills or insurances etc.

If they don’t eat well they will end up having health problems, which might lead to absence from school and miss lots of work. If they miss lots of work they won’t be able to pass their exams and they won’t get a good job.

All social workers use the Common Assessment Framework for children and their families. Social workers help them if they are “in need” or “at risk”. They take every thing in the consideration.

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