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I am currently going for my Bachelor Degree in Paralegal Studies. I have been employed 13 years by an attorney who practices personal injury. Even though experience the majority of the time is good to have, having the degree can give you the confident needed to proof that you do have what it takes to do the job. Working with an attorney had made me focus on what my career goal are for my future. Continuing to work in the legal field will be my short time goals. Hopefully being able to attend law school would be my long time career goal.

If a paralegal put 100% in her career at the long round she/he can accomplish to do everything a lawyer can accomplish. It is very difficult to know that the only thing that keeps a paralegal from getting paid what attorneys get paid is a jury’s number. Some attorney and clients do not realize the work load a paralegal encounters. Many times a paralegal will do mostly everything on the file from start to finish. Being able to organize and complete a file for an attorney for trial has always been one of my main interests.

Most people think and assume that the paralegal duties are only to sit and type. In reality a paralegal becomes responsible for everything in a file. A paralegal faces stressful situations in the work environment on a daily basis. Working for a personal injury lawyer that deals with settlements have been one of the stressful practices I encountered has a paralegal. At most time the most disturbing and stressful situation is when the economy is suffering the way it is now, the personal injury clients seem to get impatience and start harassing the office to either receive an advance or get a loan.

The attorney not being able to provide advances do to it being illegal does not want to talk to the client and does not take the time to explain and deal with the client; therefore the calls get managed by the paralegal. At that point I am left with a client who’s upset. Working in the legal field I have learned on the tragedies and struggle a person encounter and ways to seek help and get peace and justice. I always have been a person who care for others and always give the helping hand. By experience I know that the legal field is not an easy job and that it provides multiple situations on a everyday basis.

My boss will soon be retiring leaving me with just the experience I have learned through the years. Now taking the step forward into finally using my experience and completing my college education can reassure me that I would know everything there is to know and can reassure me that once is time for me to move on to the next employer I would be able to provide more then just experience but a degree to back it up. At the end, providing me with a brighter future and a tremendous increase in salary.

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