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These concerns should be addressed with the help of brainstorming of different policies of the company by a management retreat, which should be organized for a full week. 6-10: Responsive attitude is beginning in the company. 11-14: Today’s needs of the workers are being met above average by the company, but improvement is still needed. 15-18: Inspiring example can be taken from the company. Best workers are probably in the company, a strong bottom line will be available for the presentation. Values shift has been considered for these assessments.

Some of these are The New Work Ethic, as well as, What It Means for Business. (FairWinds Press, 2001) Suggestions for Employers “We got our employee retention act together just in time. When a firm like ours can hang on to most of its good talent, half of the personnel battle is won,” says Bruce Malott, managing principal of M+C. This turnaround, he adds, turned out to be “a gut-wrenching saga requiring a complete makeover of our firm’s business culture. ” (MyWire, 2007) Given below are some useful techniques which employers can execute to ensure employee retention.

Make them feel that they are important: Successful PFS employers and

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managers motivate their workforce to look at their routine work from another perspective. This new perspective shows the employees that their routine work plays a vital role in the successful achievement of the organizational aims and objectives which would be impossible to achieve in the absence of these employees. PFS managers have to induce the simple fact into the minds of PFS employees that accounting and registration procedures associated with the patients are as important as the doctoral services.

Encourage the exchange of ideas: Good PFS managers keep their workers completely updated about the operations of the organization. They also encourage the exchange of ideas and thoughts among various employees for the successful operation of the hospital. Therefore, a strong unbreakable link is set up between the entity and the employees. Develop companionship: Thriving PFS employers build up productive communications with their employees by revealing their own ideas. Such managers also scrutinize the operations of their workforce and distribute rewards to productive employees.

Employees have great value for such rewards and this system prevents them from shifting their jobs. Learning opportunities: Creative PFS managers recognize the ever lasting benefits of employees’ collective intelligence. Hence, they put into practice stimulating development plans for their employees and nurture a healthy environment that provides learning opportunities to employees. Give liberty —Assertive PFS employers give their workforce the assistance and liberty to develop themselves by having faith in them.

Such employers allow their employees to make decisions and to execute their ideas for the benefit of the organization. Glossary Accounts Receivable: amount owed to a business entity that it anticipates to collect Bad Debts: customers who do not pay the amount that they have promised to pay BLS Bureau of Labor Statistics: main agency for the federal government that finds facts and statistics related to labor economics. Career Development: the way a company structures the career progress of its employees. Certification Courses: short courses like MCSE, which are technical in nature and related to a more specific field

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