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The Europeans would force their Catholic faith on the slaves in attempts to make them more submissive. They also believed that they were carrying out God’s will by converting slaves, who were largely considered to be devil worshipers. Europeans at the time largely held Christian views employed by the Catholic Church; and because of their ethnocentric approach they lacked an understanding of the African culture. This is still an issue that has affected African cultures in the Caribbean to this day.

The Catholic Church’s belief In God and the totally of Jesus Christ strongly deterred other religions, and considered them paganism. The Catholic Church also used their beliefs as propaganda tools to make the slaves feel inferior. The Europeans persecuted the slaves for practicing their faith. Which caused them to hide their beliefs behind Catholic saints, or convert all together. It wasn’t until the slaves rediscovered their ancient roots, that they were finally able to become inspired to stand against their oppressors.

Ancient religion In Africa most notably stems from Your, which is a system of traditional religious practices and spiritual concepts of the Your people. One of the notable variants of Your is Condonable, which was brought to Brazil

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y enslaved priests and has had a great impact on the Afro-Brazilian Culture. Afro- Brazilian are the descendants of Africans and native Brazilian, who were enslaved by the Europeans. According to one article by Lourdes Garcia, “Brazil has one of the largest black African populations in the world, second only to Nigeria.

More than half of Brazilian also define themselves as black or mixed-race. ” If this Is true one can make the case that Condonable also makes up a big part of the culture there as well. Groups. Condonable causes many problems with the Christian community because of TTS belief in animal sacrifice and spiritual possession by Arias. These spirits are also worshiped and are governed by a supreme being called Loader. Condonable is also unconventional amongst most religions being that it holds the woman as the authority figure.

Most religion including Christianity only hold men in positions of authority. Condonable believe that men have “hot blood,” and have neither the patients to submit nor control of their passions necessary to inherit the spirit. As a result, very few men inherit the title of priest while the majority of women are able to come priestesses. There were three great priestesses that established the communities in Bah called Sacs Branch, Cantons, and Pop Fauna where most condonable establish their origin.

The belief that the woman can hold priesthood makes Condonable appear to be feminist to large groups of people outside the religion. Scholars discredit Condonable because of its acceptance of homosexuals. They also have negative accounts of Condonable spiritual possession for a males where they believe to have homosexual undertones; homosexual men allowing spirits to mount them, showing no “dominance. In my opinion, most of the negative accounts about Condonable come from people who take an ethnocentric approach.

Many Afro-Brazilian believe that they are at the bottom of the social ladder, while the “whites” are at the top. They are not able to freely practice their religion, and are withheld from Jobs and social status. This is evident when looking at Brazil political climate. Afro-Brazilian not only account for Just eight percent of the lower house of Congress, but also only two out of eighty-one senators are black(Garcia-Innovator peg. 5). It is also noted that Condonable practitioners often told government officials that hey were Catholics when they really weren’t to protect themselves from prosecution.

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