Can Women Be Good Managers

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Do Women make Good Managers? a. Yes I feel women can make good managers. I believe that talent doesn’t discriminate on the basis of gender. A good manager is one who has the qualities of planning, organising, communicating, directing, reporting, leadership etc and these qualities don’t depend on one’s gender. A woman is the one who manages the house and the family. So her managerial qualities can’t be doubted. As already quoted we have many examples like Pratibha Patil, Indira Gandhi who have managed the country so well.

Also we have Chanda Kocchar and Naina Lal Kidwai whose inspiring stories motivate us. There’s Preity Zinta and Ekta Kapoor who’re managing their work so well. Thus women have proved over and over again that they are not only good at managing their home but they can also manage an organisation very well. b. If we look at the criterion of being a good manager we will never find any term regarding gender, so that means gender is not at important. Some qualities which are required to be a good managers are such as leadership skill, a team player, person with confidence, person with interpersonal skill etc.

So these skills can be easily acquired by any man or woman so they can come out as good managers. But if we look at the numbers one can superficially decipher that men are good managers but that is not the case. Time has gone when women were considered only to be a part of family caretaker, today women is doing equally good in all other fields and that number is rising day by day. So gender is not a thing to decide whether a person is good or bad manager, it is all about acquiring the skills and articulate them with perfection.

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