Cambridge Upcoming Bitcoin Meetups

Cambridge Bitcoin Meetup Group to Host Four Events

For the month of November, the Cambridge Bitcoin Meetup group has 4 exciting events lined up for students who want to learn more about bitcoin.

The Cambridge Bitcoin Meetup group is the community hub for Bitcoin and the block chain users residing in Cambridge, United Kingdom.

The group was founded almost a year ago, on 23 December 2013 and since its beginning the focus was to increase exposure and awareness of Bitcoin.

They have an array of activities lined up for Bitcoin users and enthusiasts. The Cambridge Bitcoin Meetup group is hosting 4 Bitcoin educational events, spread over the month of November.

The events will update regular users and teach new users. The events will provide a crash course for those who have no experience or knowledge in the field.

All four events organized by the group will focus on the leading crypto currency, Bitcoin.

Prominent personalities from the Bitcoin industry like Vlad Zamfir, Nic Cary and Jon Lee will be present at the event.

They will deliver some inspiring and educational presentations, designed especially to give students a crash course in crypto currency and entrepreneurship opportunities for those who are interested in Bitcoin.

The first of the 4 events is planned to be held on November 11 at the Cambridge Centre from Mathematical Sciences. Nicolas Cary, the CEO of Blockchain, will speak at the event about some bitcoin industry general terms.

He will discuss blockchain’s need in the system and how one can build a successful company in this growing industry.

His presentation is titled “The Bitcoin Revolution: Wallets and Opportunities at the Dawn of a New Industry” and will begin at 18:30.

The 28 year old veterans will give an extensive overview of the complete bitcoin industry.

He will give advises to potential entrepreneurs about the increasing opportunities in the crypto currency industry. Cary will also discuss about the technology behind Bitcoin wallets.

After that presentation, Vlad Zamfir will take the stage at the same Wilberforce Road venue on 13th November. Zamfir is the proof-of-work coder at Ethereum and in the event, he will deliver the most technical crypto currency speech of the month.

His speech will focus mostly on mathematics, proof of stake and crypto economics. The presentation will start at 5:30 PM and continue until 6:30 PM.

Only a few days after that, on November 18 Jon Lee will discuss entrepreneurship and Bitcoin trading.

The event will be held at the Cambridge University Engineering Department and the CEO’s discussion will be about Wall Street’s interference into bitcoin trading and how it affects the price of bitcoin.

The last event by for The Cambridge Bitcoin Meetup group for November will be held on 24th November.

The Oxford Blocktech Network, run by students, will host this at the Cambridge City Hotel.

It will be a networking event where attendees can not only socialize with fellow bitcoiners and listen to presentations from sponsors like Ethereum and CoinScrum, but they will also get bitcoin worth ?10 for free.

As these events require pre-registrations, attendees should sign up on the Cambridge Bitcoin Meetup group page.

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