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2011 Community and Family Studies HSC Examination‘Sample Answers’When examination committees develop questions for the examination, they may write ‘sample answers’ or, in the case of some questions, ‘answers could include’. The committees do this to ensure that the questions will effectively assess students’knowledge and skills.This material is also provided to the Supervisor of Marking, to give some guidance about the nature and scope of the responses the committee expected students would produce. How sample answers are used at marking centres varies. Sample answers may be used extensively and even modified at the marking centre OR they may be considered only briefly at the beginning of marking. In a few cases, the sample answers may not be used at all at marking.

The Board publishes this information to assist in understanding how the marking guidelines were implemented.The ‘sample answers’ or similar advice contained in this document are not intended to be exemplary or even complete answers or responses. As they are part of theexamination committee’s ‘working document’, they may contain typographical errors, omissions, or only some of the possible correct answers.–1– 2011 Community and Family Studies HSC Examination ‘Sample Answers’Section I, Part BQuestion 21Sample answer:Similarities:• both can be subjective• both are time consuming• both need to choose appropriate topics/group• aspects of privacy and ethics need to be considered• in-depth information can be gained about subjects• both use primary research methods to acquire information• researchers may find it difficult not to become involved, thus influencing data collected.Differences:• observations are a visual representation of a group’s action• case study requires multiply sources of information, ie interview, observation,questionnaires• observations may contain bias• case study allows for a detailed examination and a deep…

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