in a heat-sanitizing dishwashing machine, what is the minimum temperature for the final rinse?(just put the #)
a foodhandler must be excluded from the operation for which symptom?
what is the temperature range for the danger zone?(_ to _, just put the #s)
41 to 135
what is form some bacteria take to keep from dying when they do not have enough food?
most regulations for foodservice operations are at what level?
at what internal temperature should raw meat, poultry, and seafood be stored?
41 or lower
what type of container should be used to transport TCS food from the place of preparation to the place of service?
to learn a new skill, learners must be given the opportunity to__.
practice the skill
a backup of raw sewage has occured in the kitchen. what should happen next?
close the affected area and clean it
when using a bottom to top shelving order, what determines the best placement of food in a cooler?
minimum internal cooking temperature of food
a hose connected to a running faucet that is left submerged in a bucket is an example of a
an example of TCS food is
sliced cantaloupe
a customer having an allergic reaction may show which symptom?
raw or undercooked dishes made for high-risk populations must use eggs that have been__.
the effectiveness of chemical sanitizers is NOT affected by its
which agency enforces food safety in a foodservice operation?
state or local regulatory authority
what can cause histamine to form in tuna?
time-temperature abuse
what is the second basic rule of an integrated pest management(IPM) program?
deny pests food, water, and a nesting or hiding place
what is the first basic rule of an integrated pest management program?
deny pests access to the operation
what is the third basic rule of an integrated pest management(IPM) program?
work with a licensed PCO to eliminate pests that do enter the operation
screen all windows and vents with at least
screen all windows and vents with at least
food stored in a dry-storage area should NOT be
touching the walls
how long must shellstock tags be kept on file?
90 days after the container has been emptied or the last shellfish was served from the container
you should label all ready to eat TCS food that is prepped in house and held longer than
24 hours
people who are carriers are able to carry pathogens in their systems and infect others, yet they never
become ill themselves
what is the only certain way to prevent backflow?
when should employees receive food safety training?
when hired, and then periodically after that
on-the-job training works best for
individuals and small groups
TCS food must be reheated to what temperature for 15 seconds within 2 hours
what do time-temperature indicators do?
show if food has been time-termpature abused during shipment
what is one way that food should NEVER be thawed?
at room temperature
what is the minimum internal cooking temperature for poultry?
what is the first step in developing a HACCP plan?
conduct a hazard analysis
what is the second step in developing a HACCP plan?
determine critical control points(CCPs)
what is the third step in developing a HACCP plan?
establish critical limits
what is the fourth step in developing a HACCP plan?
establish monitoring procedures
what is the fifth step in developing a HACCP plan?
identify corrective actions
what is the sixth step in developing a HACCP plan?
verify that the system works
what is the seventh step in developing a HACCP plan?
establish procedures for record keeping and documentation
is used to control risks and hazards throughout the flow of food
the HACCP system

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