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Then there program which is designed to improve environmental conditions, according to this program the automobile drivers and the airlines used by UPS were converted using only one engine during taxiing, having more UPS airplanes use electrical power from buildings and in-ground electrical hook-ups instead of the aircraft’s auxiliary power unit, which is powered by fuel and slowing down flights to the most fuel efficient speed possible if it doesn’t change an arrival time critical to making service commitments and usage of compressed natural gas (CNG) for vehicles.

The fuel conservation program that’s now saving more than $1 million each month in fuel costs while reducing the airline’s impact on the environment. Other programs that have been promoted by UPS are employees related programs which have helped creating better working conditions fro the employees, better pay levels and then there are the facilities which would secure an employees future through retirement or disability packages. (Business Wire) Comparison to Industry Standards and Competition UPS grew creating huge profits and expanded in every possible direction; it maintained standard and quality and provided the best customer service.

“Other then providing the features available in common carrier service it provided facilities

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which would help the customers, which included automatic daily pickup calls, acceptance of checks made out to the shipper in payment of C. O. D. s, additional delivery attempts, automatic return of undeliverable and streamlined documentation with weekly billing”. (UPS: 1907-1929, n. d. ) Then the technology used by the UPS was incredible, the technology purchased or developed was specially designed aimed at improving efficiency and expanding customer service.

A system which is called hand-held Delivery Information Acquisition Device (DIAD is carried by all UPS driver in order to keep record of each delivery transaction. The DIAD device keep information from text to documents like pictures word file documents and so on. This device typically permits all UPS drivers to get connected with headquarter and know about traffic patterns, delivery dates and schedule and so forth. (United Parcel Service) Then there is the UPS. com a website developed specially developed to provide an information processing pipeline for international package processing and delivery.

This company with the passage of time has expanded its experience in shipping and tracking and now providing services for global business industries. Thus it can be evaluated that UPS has kept the standards very high for competitors and has maintained quality performance thus giving competitors a hard time, even though UPS has several features but the key feature which attracts customers is the ability to provide its extensive service at rates comparable to those of parcel post.


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