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Information computing has entered a data-centric era, the storage industry is currently one of the hottest areas. The face of emerging storage needs new challenges, how do we grasp the future direction of storage it? 1, the storage formalization Storage formalization is the storage technology hot spots, actually It Is not considered the new concept, RAID, LAVA, SWAP, VIM, file system, etc. These are vested In Its category. Storage formalization technology has many advantages, such as Improved outrage efficiency and performance, simplify storage management complexity, green savings and reduce operational costs.

Modern data applications In storage capacity, I / O performance, availability, reliability, efficiency, management, business continuity and other aspects of the storage system continuously put forward higher demand, based on available storage formalization solutions can help data center deal these new challenges. 2, SD solid state Drives (SD, solid state disk) storage Industry Is currently much attention outrage of new technologies, it is seen as a revolutionary storage technology, it might give the storage industry and even computer architectures bring profound changes. T is an electronic device rather than physical mechanical devices, it has a small, low energy consumption, anti-interference ability, addressing time minimal (or even negligible), OOPS high, I / O high performance characteristics.

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