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My career dream is to become a brand manager with a multinational company. For me, education is the ultimate goal in life which unless one attains, the full potential in that person cannot be fully exploited, hence the reason why I want to pursue a BA. BA teaches business skills which are instrumental in determining how professionals lead the way in the highly competitive business environment. Since my childhood, I have always wanted to become a manager for a big corporate.

My desire has been reaffirmed by my parents who although they are not financially well up; they have strived to save enough to ensure that the siblings receive quality education. My father has been specifically inspirational in my education. He has always wanted me to pursue business related course and perhaps become a CEO for an International firm. Encouragement from my father therefore shaped my career goals and I resolved to go for a BA at University of Tennessee.

My choice for a BA program was also influenced by the fact that before finishing my internship at the organization I was working for, I received a full-time offer as a Sales Assistant supporting Marketing Manager in

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various assignments. My main responsibilities were to provide statistics reports for my manager, in charge of cruise ship and Asian markets, and to maintain relationship with tenants. Within this small team of three people, I was involved in all the event and promotion planning targeting different client bases including tourists and residents.

Because of the location of the organization, we were faced with numerous challenges such as parking and competition. However in the end, we successfully revitalized the image of the organization. In fact, we repositioned the to a market leader. Throughout lots of hands-on practices and seeing the changes of the organization, I am more certain that, business management is the field that I want to go. I also discovered that, management was a wide area and the knowledge I obtained from my undergraduate needed to be supplemented and advanced.

For me, studying in the BA program will present a great opportunity in that, BA professionals can fit and work in very many settings. Therefore, pursuing BA career for me is an investment for the future. I am a volunteer for several groups in the community something which has opened my mind in as far as leadership is concerned. The exposure I receive from participating in community activities has been of help to me and others around me as I am very good at conflict resolution.

The University of University of Tennessee is the ideal University for me in that, it has all the necessary facilities required for the learning and research work, with the state-of-the-art infrastructure, online library which is well equipped, with enough lecturers as well as students from all backgrounds, I am guaranteed of interacting with different nationals which is of an interest to an BA professional aspiring to work for multinational companies. Pursuing a BA at University of Tennessee will also expose me to more resources and network.

The University of Tennessee School’s BA program will serve as a perfect bridge from where I am to where I want to be. With the international focus and well-founded curriculum, I believe University of Tennessee BA is the best investment, which will strengthen my marketing and entrepreneurial skills to secure a position in brand management field. With that position, I believe I will be equipped to accomplish my long-term objective of setting up my own business. I am very proud of what I have accomplished and the confidence I have built up in the past nine years living in the United States.

I am eager to bring my knowledge of mall marketing and multi-cultural background to the class. My back-up plan is to set up a company with my two friends. One of my friends is specialized in fashion design and the other is knowledgeable in mechanical engineering and industrial design. In a bid to give back to the society, our company will set up a profit organization to collect funds to feed the hungry and support the education of children from poverty stricken areas. If this goal is not realized, I will do marketing jobs as well as volunteer work during my spare time.

Conclusion There is a gap in the field of brand management, I intend to graduate and contribute to the profession by working for a multinational company and ultimately set up my own company. I really look forward to joining the University of University of Tennessee whereby I will be nurtured into becoming a professional in readiness to serve any where in the world.


Barkley, Nella, and Sandburg, E. Taking Charge of Your Career. New York: Workman Publishing, 1995.

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