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Obviously, from top to bottom, every person involved in organization’s activities must fulfill their duties.

In this area, many researchers have agreed on the fact that unethical activities in lower level management occurs, when upper level management tends to show lethargic behavior towards their responsibilities. Certainly, a company’s efficiency depends on day-to-day operations carrying out by all employees. In this regard, some of the organizations do not put check on their upper level management due to egoistic and cultural issues, and in the result, children are used, and sometimes, harshly for different business procedures.In this regard, different implications have been provided to most of the organizations in the international business world. Some of the implications are sustainability of healthy participation and quick reactivity to domestic communities and media publications like magazine and business publications.

Open communicate at both internal and external level nearly all-commercial activity that are not relatively confidential.However, the trend of companies to be close-lipped and non-antiphonal with respect to their internal regulations and external surroundings inclines to be straightly proportional to the happening of nonstop ethical and legal violations. As a matter of fact, the complexity and the challenges can differ when distinguish one company with another. However, it has been observed that business ethics of some countries, such as China are somewhat different from the United States. Main motive of China is to earn money and the generation profit.In the result, a number of researchers have noted and analyzed that child labor is a normal habit in most of the Asian countries, and it is not considered as a violation.

The problem there in the Asian countries is the low literacy rate among people, media reports that many of the laborers in China are forced to work for double shifts, and many of the victims are children. The illiterate people are motivated by a single motive “MONEY”, these pitiable people are unaware of the fact that how this idea of only making money can disturb their health and mental circumstances.Moreover, they even bring their kids to work, and avoid their education for the sake of some amount of money. Many of the laborers and their children work only for money; they do not even bother about the business ethics and social responsibilities. Due the low level of education in developing countries, many people have inadequate knowledge about the business related policies.

For instance, they are ignorant of the piece of information of a certain regulation that may not allow the inclusion of children in the labor. This scrutinizing to a business sector from a public sector is not so strong in Asian countries.Apart from the literacy rate, the government sector is also weak in these countries. The government supervision is fragile; the government officials are not so interested about the needs of their public. They are more towards the meeting standards and the benchmarks set by the developed countries.

The Asian countries view their contracts as a win-win, profit and a long-term relationship, and business ethics is not considered significantly by some of them. Any business, small or big, can survive only, if they are working in an ethical environment.Business ethics are very important in the international business, when the entrepreneur wants to enjoy profits. Business ethics are a set of ideas and principles that each person associated with a particular business needs to follow in order to earn a fair income. In this regard, child labor is one of the major constituents of the business ethics, and which, affects the international business adversely.

Until now, we have discussed some of the basic principles and several past incidents that have been observed in business communities internationally.It has been observed that child labor has been a usual practice of various organizations around the world, and which has deteriorated the ethical principles of the international business adversely. However, some organizations have considered the ethical principles, and have followed the imposed policies and regulations related with the child labor in the business processes around the world. The term of child labor has been considered by a number of researchers and publications in the past due to various issues related to the ethical problems around the world.In this regard, it has been observed that a universal approach has been implemented for the imposition of policies and regulations related to the child labor issues.

As earlier mentioned in the paper, diverse traditions of different countries related to the business ethics and especially, child labor has resulted in the conflicts related to these topics. Moreover, it has been evaluated that different societies in different countries has provided different position and significance to the children.

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