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Circular flow shows the way in which a market economy works. In market economy consumers are mainly influenced with is produced. Consumers spend in order to satisfy the wants. This in return encourages the supplier to produce more commodities and an individual is consuming. The circular flow includes the business sector and households sector. Households include both people spending money are also the receiver of the money. Trade segment have the same work too they pay out cash in the marketplace and take delivery of cash as of the household which they spend in order to consume the goods.

The resource market this is where the business sector purchases what they call raw material in order to produce finished good . The resources used in this is manual labor, raw materials, capital and entrepreneurship is given by households. Lets take an example For instance a business want to build shopping center the resources have to be include territory on which structure is to be constructed ,Capital to complete the building which comes from the households, Labor who is going to work on the resources provided by the business sector in order to construct and etc.

The other kind of market is where goods and services produced or manufactured by the business sector are sold and is generally called Product Market. In this the household by spending consume the goods from the market for their own use (Colander, 2007). In the reverse array track is flowing of expenditure. Initial with households the person spends currency to buy the merchandise and services provided by the trade sector.

The money flows from the household towards the business sector making to maintain the trade sector operations. To carry on the trade must pay the employees their settled figure and procure more property in order to continue in loop. One of the vital resources which are human resources is provided by the households. The money which comes into the industry goes backside to the family as reimburse for the exercise of human resources.

So in easy words money which comes from the household by spending on the commodities in to the business sector goes back to the household as remuneration. Sum which regulates back to the household or which household earns is in return not fully spent. A portion of that money is safe and deposited into banks, financial investments, real estate and many different places. In return to this household expects interest on the money which has been deposited in the bank or rent one piece of land.

The money deposited in bank is not retained by the bank or financial institution the money is circulated back into the business sector in form of capital therefore the money comes back to business sector and the flow carries on. Therefore run of merchandise and services is simply a map of income which flows from household to trade sector and which in return trade sector return . Gross domestic product is the total marketplace worth of the refined supplies and services in a nation in a known time. IT is often correlated with the standard of livings of the country.

For example: – suppose and economy produces 5 bags and 10 shoes. The price of each bag is 20$ and the price of each shoes is 30$. the total values of bags produced is 100$ (20$ X 5) and the total value of shoes id 300$ (30$ X 10). The production of bags and shoes adds 400$ to GDP. There are three methods to calculate Gross Domestic Product . 1. The spending or expenditure approach 2. The income approach 3. The production or value added approach Time expenditure method is often used to calculate the GDP of a country.

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