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Business Research Methods is a book that has been written by Sue Greener, PhD., and was published by Ventus Publishing APS in 2008.

There are three interesting points that have been made in the book. These are centered on the attempt to differentiate between writing a business report and writing for academic purposes. The author points out that in writing a business report, there is need to maintain clarity, simplicity, brevity, useful and specific terminology and above all, an executive summary. Usually, in writing a business style, there is a penchant to adopt and stick to a corporate house style. On the other hand, writing academic reports entails the taking of a critical approach and payment to academic referencing so as to parry away the danger of plagiarism. To this effect, there may be the reading and use of peer reviewed journal articles so as to bring about the tone of academic writing.

Secondly, the author points out incisively, how the use of first person varies from business report and scholarly papers. The use of first person is limited to the reflective section, qualitative data analysis and narrative accounts only. Writing business reports may not take these restrictions. Thirdly, the vitality of the flow from one section to another is clearly shown by the author as being important in academic writing as opposed to business reports.

Nevertheless, there are three points remain in the 12th chapter. For instance, the presentation of logic as being U shaped; the failure to discuss exceptional instances where first person may be used in business report writing; and the failure to explain cases where flow may be needed to compile business report so as to aid in comprehension and to foster continuity. For instance, there may be the need to show how profit in the previous financial year was ploughed back as capital, and how this ultimately affected the business’ output may require this flow.

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