Business Reengineering Case Study: Cigna

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Because of change in market scenario the organization faced highly downsized and stretched field staff. C] Reengineering would have to focus on large business and in addition to achieving operational excellence had to enable new business growth and build competencies for new business. O In P& C , IS personnel had to be much more proactive than in the past because of the short project implementation time frames C] Outdated technology How was the problem dealt with: ICING started their journey with the process of reengineering with its vision ICING Reinsurance.

This was the pilot project. Cite administrative operation was restructured into customer service teams. C] The reengineering transfers their roles and responsibility. 0 The project executive start regular meeting with ICING RE employs and outside consultants. The same model was used in different countries. The back-end activities were SSH fifed from I-J to Scotland. This process of reengineering improved the cost cutting techniques. However, this was not implemented in Chile and Japan as hey change of mind-set in these countries was not possible.

ICING P&C was revived using two phases. Phase 1 involved the break-up of functions. One of the functions was experimented with and the result was used in others. Phase 2 involved implementation which was structured as six projects or streams. Every stream was assigned a dedicated implementation team. Learning from the case: 1 . Learn from failure: The senior corporate management created a culture where failure was tolerated as long as the organization learned from it.

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