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The Ikea business system is discussed for its envelopment of various IT features to make it economically stable and manage its resources and customer base. The first section points the very requirement of a system process model in place and the discussion that seems to be problematic. This document will provide the background information of the project, the analysis of the new system, and other components of the four major phases: planning, analysis, design and implementation. The design process is emphasized more with the UML conceptual diagrams for better understanding.

1. Problems with the system The Ikea system would be designed to focus on the larger section of people for all pockets with its low cost model and design techniques. The following are the various problems identified with the Ikea business concept: • As the products would be quite appreciating in its quality the decision to sell them at lower costs would hamper the long term business decisions in business sustainability and design. • The various risks in production of the products must be taken into account and enough costs must be associated with it.

Such costs do add up with the product which is not considered at all. • The competition with the various brands would render it to be purchasable by the medium class group of the people and would not create a brand for the upper class. • Business continuity decisions make sure that all the various medium and long term plans are maturing and would make sure that various decisions are maturing and inflow of finance is certain. 2. CATWOE process The CATWOE model is used for Ikea business to analyze the requirements finely and to get to the depth analyzing of business requirements.

C – Customers This represents the various stakeholders of the system and the business in general. The following are the various decision makers for the success of the business system: • Firstly the individual customers who purchase the various products at low cost. Often various sections of customers dreamt of owning branded products at low cost. They would be the happiest people for this business. • The suppliers and distributors form a majority of the receiving end and makes sure that all the various products are marketed well to reach the end users.Paying them well would make their service better.

A – Actors They are the various personnel who are involved in making the entire business processes done and make sure that the objectives are complied with. The following are the various decision makers in the actor section; • The manufacturers of the products who are involved in the process. • The business strategy and policy makers who make sure that all the various crucial decisions linked to effective planning and organization is taken care timely and decisively.• The external agents like suppliers, warehouse holders, distributors and other contractual decision makers make sure that all the processes connected to move the product from the manufacturing arena to the various retail outlets for distributions and ultimately reaching the customers. T – Transformation process The various inputs are customer feedbacks, responses, surveys, raw materials, ingredients and machinery.

It largely helps in predicting the making of products to its exact dimension and volume so that capitalization on them would deduce future action and scenario.The outputs are in the form of various consumer products and services that are required to be catered for customer satisfaction, goodwill, gathering market segment and final sale of products. The business process can be depicted as follows: Figure 1: Business process of the Ikea Business System W – World view The world view determines the Ikea business process which would be put up online for the selling of products to global customers at lower products.The quality and the design would form the center stage of creating a market; however the various scenarios for competing with the other market rulers would be challenging in the long run and for sustainability. O – Owner The owner of the processes is the people who have envisioned the very business proposal and have focused on such a concept of producing high quality products at low prices.

They would gain an advantage over the branded products which sell only to the rich and privileged. The very focus on the low and medium group spenders and desire to own luxurious branded products.

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