Business Principles Chapter 13

Which of the following statements is true of digital communication?
It has made it possible for businesses to reach previously inaccessible markets.
In the context of digital communication, __ is the ability of the marketer to identify customers before they make a purchase.
__, in the context of digital communication, refers to the ability of customers to express their needs and wants directly to the firm in response to its marketing communications.
__ refers to marketers’ ability to obtain digital information in the context of digital communication.
In the context of digital communication, __ refers to consumers’ ability to get in touch with marketers along with other consumers.
In the context of digital communication, __ refers to the customer’s ability to regulate the information they view as well as the rate and exposure to that information.
Which of the following statements is true about digital media in the contest of business?
It can also improve communication within and between businesses.
Which of the following statements is true about digital media?
They do not relieve businesses of the task of achieving the right marketing mix.
Marketer’s ability to process orders electronically and increase the speed of communications thereby reducing costs, inefficiencies, and redundancies most relates to which element of the marketing mix?
__ is the most flexible element of the marketing mix.
A(n) __ is a web-based meeting place for friend, family, co-workers, and peers that lets users create a profile and connect with other users for a wide range of purposes.
Social Network
A factor that has sparked the rise of consumer-generated information is:
The consumers’ tendency to trust other consumers over corporations
__ are web-based journals in which writers can editorialize and interact with other Internet users.
Which of the following statements is true about blogs?
The give users the power to even post false or negative information
__ are websites where users can add or edit the content of posted articles.
__ tend to allow businesses to be more promotional than reactive because they do not permit companies to respond to or interact with customers.
Media sharing sites
__ is a tool that uses the Internet, particularly social networking and video sharing sites, to spread a message and create band awareness.
Viral marketing
__ is one of the most popular photo sharing sites on the Internet which enables the user to upload images, edit them, classify the images, create photo albums, and share photos with friends.
__ are audio and video files that can be downloaded from the Internet via a subscription that automatically delivers new content to listening devices or personal computers.
The little black and white squares that sometimes appear in magazines, posters, and store displays which let a consumer with a smart device view a website, video, or image with additional marketing information is known as a(n):
QR code
Individuals who upload original videos, publish blogs and personal web pages, upload original music, write and post articles and stories are most likely to fall under the __ segment of consumers on the basis of the Internet activity.
__ describes how marketers use digital media to find out the opinions or needs of potential markets.
__ permits website operators to track how often a user visits the site, what he/she looks at while there, and in what sequence, but they also allow Web users to customize services and content.
__ occurs when criminals obtain personal information that allows them to impersonate someone else in order to use the person’s credit to obtain financial accounts and make purchases.
Identity theft
One growing scam used to initiate identify theft fraud is the practice of __, whereby con artists counterfeit a well-known website and send out e-mails directing victims to it.
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