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Nigeria is a country in Africa located in West Africa. It has a very large population as compared to most countries in Africa. The country’s Universities offer low quality education due to the many challenges that affect the country. Most of the Universities in the country can not be ranked in the same category as the Harvard’s, Yale’s, MITs and Oxford in the global rankings. It has been established that there is disconnect in the school-to-work transition in Nigeria.

However this can be corrected by establishing a university that offers good university education system that will be able to enlighten many students in Nigeria. (Chiahemen, 2005). After carrying out a research on the Universities based in Nigeria and the quality of education they offer, I decided to come up with a business plan for a new University in the country. The new University will be known as Agape University. This University will be founded on the basis of the vital component that lacks in many Universities in the country.

Some of the objectives and goals of the university are: Improvement in the value of education in Nigeria Changing the image of quality of education offered in Nigeria

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in the eyes of the International community To realize the potential vision of quality education by the year 2020 Offer good remuneration packages to lectures to cut down on the frequency of strikes held by them. (Buhari, 2006) Improve on the methods of sorting students to avoid selecting poor quality graduates. Improve on the poor sanitary conditions experienced in many universities in the country.

Products and services offered The University will be designed in such a way that it will be able to offer Bachelors and masters degrees in Business and Agriculture fields. Some of the business courses that will be offered include: Bachelors degree in business management, Business administration, Agribusiness and general business studies. These courses will be able to enlighten the students on the current trends in the market. Through these courses students will be able to be empowered to direct their destinies the way they want. (Uche, 2002)

Entrepreneurship is an important subject in the society because it is through it that many people get jobs. Entrepreneurship has solved consumers’ concerns on the availability of products and services in the market. These business courses will be designed in such a way that they will be able to promote entrepreneurship culture in the students. The agricultural related courses that will be offered include: Bachelors and master degree in agricultural engineering, horticulture, soil and water engineering and Biomechanical engineering.

These courses will be structured in such a way that students will be able to grasp the real issues concerning agricultural issues. Students through with the course will be expected to be innovative enough to be able to come up with solutions to problems affecting agriculture in the country at large. In both of the courses, students will be encouraged to pursue their education up to Master’s level. Their will be incentives that will see students who come from poor family backgrounds afford their university education.

Students who perform extremely well will then be offered scholarships to pursue their courses up to Master’s level within the institution. Agape University’s vision is to be a world class institution of learning. It is expected that the objectives that have been stated above will be able to make it realize this vision by the year 2020. The University is in the quest of establishing a good environment of learning and providing undisputed high quality education. Some products manufactured or reared at departmental levels will be available for selling to the University community and the community around the University.

These products will include: cakes, natural juices, flowers and vegetables. (Ariole, 2007) Patenting of some of the products has been done to prevent other institutions from coming up with the same products. For instance, the natural juice is unique in the sense that it has incorporated both nutritional and medicinal values. The juice is rich in vitamin A, C and E and at the same time, it is known to treat gangrenes and stomach ulcers. Therefore, the patenting has to be done to avoid the risk of losing the idea to some companies or institutions. (Uche, 2002)

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