Business of Fashion: Design, Manufacturing and Marketing Chapt. 11

Mass Customization
Involves the ultimate consumer in the customization of fit, design, or personalization of a product
Agile Manufacturing
Combines a variety of technologies forming a integrated, seamless exchange
Single-Hand System
Used for couture and for some very high-priced apparel produced in limited quantity
Garment made specifically for the wearer
Flexible Manufacturing System
Any departure from traditional mass-production systems of apparel toward faster, smaller, more flexible production units
Unit Production System
Garments are fed on overhead conveyors, usually one at a time, to sewing machine operators
Progressive Bundle Systems
A sewing operator performs on or several sewing steps on each garment in the bundle
Piece-Rate Wage
The number of pieces completed per day calculates operator’s pay
Garments not yet finished
Production Sequence
Fusing Interface
Applying Embroidery
Applying Labels
Attaching Hangtags
Folding and Packaging
Keeps track of identifying information such as size, fit, color, and style.
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