Business Marketing Chapter 12

The​ company, suppliers,​ distributors, and customers who open double quote “partner” with one another to improve the performance of the entire system make up the​ _______
value delivery network
One key function of channel members is​ __________, which involves shaping offers to meet the​ buyer’s needs, including activities such as​ manufacturing, grading,​ assembling, and packaging.
The length of a channel is determined by​ __________.
the number of intermediary levels
Which of the following is a reason that producers use marketing channels and channel​ intermediaries?
Marketing channel members are able to transform the assortments of products made by producers into the assortments wanted by consumers.
Which of the following statements is correct regarding the functions channel members​ perform?
Channel members create greater efficiencies than manufacturers could achieve on their own.
In​ 2001, Apple opened its first Apple stores in the United States. These stores were owned and operated by Apple. This is an example of which type of vertical marketing system​ (VMS)?
Walmart has a lot of power and exerts strong influence on the suppliers they buy from. This channel power is an example of​ a(n) __________ vertical marketing system​ (VMS).
Which of the following statements regarding marketing channel behavior and design is​ correct?
The success of individual channel members depends on the overall channels success
Due to changes in​ technology, a recent trend is for product or service producers to cut out intermediaries and go directly to final buyers. This is one form of​ __________.
Which of the following is an example of horizontal channel​ conflict?
A Ford dealer complaining that another Ford dealer is advertising in their territory.
Firms producing consumer​ electronics, furniture, and home appliance brands typically distribute their products​ __________.
What does the process of designing marketing channels start​ with?
analyzing consumers needs
When setting channel​ objectives, companies should state the objectives in terms of​ __________.
targeted levels of consumer service
Which of the following statements regarding marketing channel design is​ correct?
Channel alternatives should be evaluated against, economic, control, and adaptability criteria
After the company has defined its channel​ objectives, it should next identify its major channel alternatives in terms of the types of​ intermediaries, the number of​ intermediaries, and​ __________.
the responsibilities of channel members
Which of the following statements regarding international distribution channels is​ correct?
Due to logistic costs in China, the majority of companies can only access affluent areas of major cities
CVS pharmacy stores have recently stopped selling cigarettes. For cigarette​ manufacturers, this highlights the challenge of​ __________ channel members.
Companies now use​ __________ and supply chain management software to help​ recruit, train,​ organize, manage,​ motivate, and evaluate channel partners.
partner relationship management
​__________ is a practice whereby a producer agrees to sell a brand to a dealer only if the dealer agrees to sell some or all of the rest of its line.
full-line forcing
Some sellers require that dealers not handle​ competitor’s products. This strategy is called​ __________.
exclusive dealing
What are the four major functions of​ logistics?
Warehousing, inventory management, transportation, and logistic information management
Using​ __________, the customer shares​ real-time data on sales and current inventory levels with the supplier. The supplier then takes full responsibility for managing inventories and deliveries.
vendor managed inventory
Which of the following statements regarding a​ just-in-time logistics system is​ correct?
Just-in-time logistics systems allow producers and retailers to carry small inventories to last for only a few days of operations
​Cross-functional teamwork within the​ company, building logistics​ partnerships, and third party logistics are all important elements of​ __________.
integrated logistics management
Which of the following statements regarding marketing logistics is​ correct?
The goal of marketing logistics should be to provide a targeted level of customer service at the least cost.

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