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Sky Scooter most probably sold good production which is need make-to-stock operations. This will fulfill customer’s demand in this market as it increasing and this process would be the best planning for the products. 3) What type of layout may work better in the production of these scooters? A Same-steps layout is which work better in these production where one type of reduce through the same or fixed sequence of production steps. This is much more efficient for large volume make to stock operations that mass produce many units at the same time. ) How might a process flow chart benefit the production process at Sky Scooters A successful business required a plan. Flow chart is one of the planning method that very helpful in organizing and recording information. The flowchart recognizes the arrangement of production activities, movements of materials, and work performed at each stage of the process. It can then be evaluated to isolate wasteful activities, resources of delay, and other disorientation in both goods and services operations. The final step is executing improvements. ) How might Sky Scooters benefit from utilizing a Gaunt chart? Projecting a Gaunt chart is an essential for any rising company running businesses.

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Gaunt chart breaks down large project onto step to be performed and specifies the time required to perform each one. It is also a scheduling method such as reconstruct or redesign a product. 6) Explain Just-in-time production. Just-in-time production giving an actual orders providing a indication for when a product should be manufactured. This enable a firm to produce only what is required, in the exact quantity and at the right interval.

This means that stock levels of raw materials, component, work in progress and finished goods can be kept to a minimum. 7) What advantages could Sky Scooters expect from switching to a Just-in-time Lower stock holding is one of the advantages if Sky Scooters switch to a Just-in-time system. This could reduce in storage space which saves rental and insurance cost for the firm. Other than that, The stock is obtainable when it is needed which means less working capital is tied up in stock. Plus, there is less probability of stock perishing, becoming old-fashioned or out of date.

Last but not less, less time is spent on checking and re working the product of others as the emphasis is on getting the work right first time. 8) Are there any potential negative consequences of switching to a Just-in-time system? There is plenty time we can save through the CIT system of any firms. However, It may have some disadvantages such as there is little room for mistakes as minimal stock is kept for re working faulty product. Plus, there is no space finished product available o meet unexpected orders, because all product is made to meet actual orders. ) Describe the importance of quality control at Sky Scooters And how should Alan Jackson assure quality in his Sky Scooters? Quality control is a process that is used to guarantee a certain level of quality in a product or service. So quality control at Sky Scooters is very essential to monitor the product. This involves thoroughly examining and testing the quality of products or the results of services. The basic objective of this process is to ensure that the products or services that are provided meet specific requirements and heartsickness.

Alan should have a team of workers who focus on testing a certain number of a product or detecting service being done. This team is used to be unsure the product or service is up to date or meet the company’s requirement. 10) If a CIT production system is implemented at Sky Scooters, how might the firm’s supply chain strategy be affected? One of the most important is to prepare a plan of supplier and having a good product as well as customers’ satisfaction. Proper management and better coordination among supply chain activities can provide quality scooters at a great price.

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